Sawyer Wisdom

Here are a few saying from Sawyer the last few weeks. That boy just melts my heart, with as much stubbornness and craziness, he has just as much love and heart. 

This weekend when I wasn’t feeling so good he snuck out of bed during naptime to bring me Foxy, he said Foxy always makes me feel better, I want you to have him.

A few weeks ago we were walking through the halls of Gunnar’s elementary school and one of the upper grades must’ve been studying anatomy because there were cutout self portrait bodies hanging on the hallway walls. They had all the organs identified and properly placed. Sawyer proceeded to stop in front of one and point to a million organs, what’s that? the spleen. what’s that? the intestine. what’s that? the kidney. what’s that? the stomach. Mama, this one is wrong. Why sweetie, what’s wrong about it. This one has no balls. 

We have a lot of deep conversations when Sawyer is trying to poop. One day I was sitting on the bathroom floor and he was on the toilet, I was asking him how he got so handsome, he just grinned his sweet smile. Then I told him that he was my most favorite second baby in the world and if he knew that. He thought for a minute and then looked at me and said, Mama, I really like being in the middle. I like it because I get to hold 2 people’s hands. I get to hold Gunnar’s, and Greta’s. You sure do babe. 



I look forward all week to Friday afternoons. I love it because that’s the start of our weekend and I have no lunches to pack no kids to drive to school and Aaron is home. I also love it because I know I can sleep until 8am the next morning. We had a weekend full of activities. Anniversary Party, day at Disneyland, me sleeping in (I know I already mentioned that). From about Wednesday on I really didn’t feel that hot, I kind of felt super tired and icky, but I figure that’s sometimes normal, right? Well Friday came and I pushed the ickiness aside and went about Friday as normal, when Aaron came home I was super tired but we were low on diapers so I made a trip to Target. I love Target, but not when I don’t feel good. I couldn’t wait to get out of there. On the way home it took everything not to close my eyes.

I told Aaron I didn’t feel so good and I was going to lay down. That lasted about 12 minutes before Sawyer and Greta found me and proceeded to jump on my bed only missing my head maybe once or twice, all the other times they managed to jump on my head and our aching body. 

I figured 12 minutes was good enough. I went downstairs and made dinner. After we ate I informed Aaron I am sick. I went to bed. It only got worse. I got strep throat. I know this because I’ve had strep about 17 million times in my life. But after I had my tonsils removed at 20 years old I thought I was done with that. I think I had it one more time about 5 years ago, but when you have it you know it. There is nothing like the pain and swelling of strep. I had a fever, body aches, the whole thing.

By Saturday morning my doctor called in a prescription and I was in bed all day. I did manage to watch movie after movie. I tried to watch all the ones my husband would appreciate me watching sans him. For instance, all Ocean’s Eleven sequels, he’s not a big fan of Brad Pitt, and throw in Matt Damon and George Clooney, makes for happy sick mama! I watched Waitress and Elizabeth the Golden Age. I think I also watched a few free Sundance Festival Films, all I really didn’t understand, but maybe that was from me falling asleep or writhing in pain. I think I managed to tally $44 in On Demand movies. Oops. But what am I supposed to do, we don’t even have a DVD player upstairs! 

I could hear a lot of screaming and a lot of fighting going on downstairs, and if you haven’t noticed Aaron has impeccable timing. He is one of the most unorganized persons I have ever met in my life. Sorry, babe, but you know it and I still love you, so it’s okay. So as unorganized as he is, he gets these ideas of organization from I don’t know where. Like a random 3 hour closet clean out once a year, and an alphabetizing of our CDs at midnight, and this particular day he was responsible for the welfare and feeding and safety of my children, he chose to clean out our pantry. Which is a huge undertaking. It’s only been done one other time since we moved into this house 2.5 years ago. A normal dad would probably say, let’s get the kids out of the house for a few hours and go to the park, but he decides to keep them home and deal with their whining and running underfoot all day while he organizes the tea bags and rice pilaf. 

By Sunday I feel semi normal again. I can function at least. My throat is still pretty rotten, but I can move and not cry. The kids are thankful, I am thankful, and most importantly, I think Aaron is thankful. So one more week until Friday afternoon. . .

Spring Break Part III

I was very excited once Friday came because I knew that we had only one more day until Aaron was home from work and it was the weekend and I could sleep in! On Friday Gunnar, who normally sleeps in if he doesn’t go to school, woke at the crack of dawn filled with anticipation. The boy was up and dressed and sitting at the window at 7:30am waiting for his Papa(my dad) to come and pick him up. He was taking Gunnar golfing for the day. Up until this point Gunnar has a collection that includes a putter and wedge, I believe, but I could be wrong. It was very special because the night before he was gifted with a driver from my dad. These three clubs were wedged in a canvas travel golf bag that I think my in laws bought for him on one visit. He was so careful when he picked out his outfit, had to be khaki pants, collared shirt, USC football hat, he was ready to go. And at 8:30 he was gone and in his glory no doubt. I did get feedback that he ruined my dad’s golf game that day (or so my dad likes to blame it on him, you be the judge) because he was distracted by Gunnar, always worried about where he was and what he was doing. But Gunnar had an awesome time. Unfortunately I have no photos since I couldn’t possibly entrust my father with my camera. My child is one thing, but my camera is another. And my camera won’t scream at the top of it’s lungs if he’s left behind like my eldest child would.

Sawyer had a special treat of his own. He had daddy time and the two of them went to see the new Dr. Seuss movie. Which gave Greta and me nice mother daughter bonding time because we needed more of that. So, what’d we do? You guessed. . .shopped and went for cupcakes. It was delightful.

We decided to finish off Spring Break weekend with some hiking. We counted 11 lizards on our hike in Temescal Canyon, beautiful weather, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. On the hike down Sawyer was already asking to go on another hike. That boy rarely will admit to exhaustion. He will just keep going. Here’s some photos from the hike.






Spring Break Part II

I really don’t know what I was thinking, but I decided that a trip to the Los Angeles Zoo was needed. I haven’t been since Gunnar was only a few months old, and I knew the kids would really enjoy it. And I figured if I did it now I could avoid going in summer where it will be 243 degrees and all the poor animals will be asleep. I also figured since I can handle all three of my children so well by myself, that I should add to that number. I took another little boy with us, but he’s 8, so he’s practically an adult. 

Between my gang and the two other families we were meeting, we totaled 10 kids, 4 adults. Fortunately one more showed up but it was kind of a replacement parent so we still had the same ratio most of the day. And my ratio was the worst, 4 kids, 1 adult. But I enlisted our 8 year old for help. He was great at map reading, we only got turned around like 11 times. And he was good at watching Greta while I took Sawyer to pee, much better than my husband was able to do at Disneyland a few weeks ago. 

Getting there was a piece of cake and everyone cooperated while we got tickets, bathrooms had to be a first pit stop and then we were off. I honestly think my kids had just as much fun at the zoo as they did at Disneyland. I think they really felt at home. And I have never been so comfortable being somewhere with all my kids than I did at the zoo. Go figure. They loved seeing the alligators, flamingos, sea lions, elephants, camel, gorillas, zebras and Spider City was a big hit with everyone but Greta. She could’ve skipped that one. The petting zoo was great, but all we could pet and brush were the goats, and you can only brush a goat for so long. The 6 week old baby giraffe was a favorite and one Greta is still talking about. 

Of course I have to be food prepared, and brought a ton of snacks and even our lunch, remember how much I despise park food? We went an entire day from 9am to 4pm and my kids had no meltdowns, not a single tear, so I was very proud of them. Greta was only so good about sitting in her stroller. For a couple of hours it was musical strollers and all 10 kids went from person to person and stroller to stroller. Greta also insisted that when she took a nap it had to be on my shoulder, while walking and pushing our stroller and keeping track of wandering Mr. Sawyer. I tried the whole transfer thing several times, but it wasn’t working, so I just figured this could be my workout for the next year or two. I only heard one or two complaints from Gunnar about walking the whole time, which I swear must’ve been 5 miles at least. Sawyer was a trooper and never said a word about how tired he was once.

This is the place I got my pee in the face event. We just finished at the park area and we’re ready to make the trek back to the car. As we’re rounding the bend of the elephants I see Sawyer grasping at his parts and I ask if he has to pee. He usually responds with a quick no, but this time he screamed YES! The fact that he was admitting to me he had to pee meant that we only had a few mere seconds before urine would trickle down his legs. I consulted my map navigator who informed me that the nearest bathroom was about 4 fingers away from where we were, which meant a long way. So I remember I had some sample cups in my stroller from the candied almonds sampler station on the way in. I grab them and we all walk over to a wall near the trash can. The boys set up guard with their map and hats and arms out and I am in a desperate hurry to pull Sawyer’s shorts down and I realize that the tie on his shorts is in a knot. I am working as hard as I can, but the drawstring is squeezing his stuff pretty tight and he thinks just because he actually sees his stuff that that means he has the go ahead to let it fly, meanwhile he is pointing directly at my eyeballs. I do not realize that he is going to pee and I am more concerned at aiming the tiny sampler cup in the right spot. Let me tell you I got shot in the face, eyes, nose and hair with so much pee, I was dripping! I know you’re all screaming and your mouths are at the floor, but you have to know that urine isn’t that bad. In fact it’s so acidic that it’s not dangerous or going to make you sick. Trust me I’ve been through worse bodily fluid emergencies then this. In fact, I had to smile because this only happens to me, right? At this point I am trying to rub the sting out of my eyes and finally have him pointing down and I realize that the little sampler cup is not going to cut it. We are overflowing the sampler cup and I am taking the cup and chucking it at the wall and he’s refilling it and I’m chucking it at the wall and so on and so on. You’d think I was smart enough to just go ahead and let him pee on the wall since that’s pretty much what is happening as I throw all his urine on the wall. But no. . .we do about 5 refills and then he’s finished. Gunnar then asked why I dumped water on my head, um. . .yeah. . .not water. I grab a Wet One wipe and proceed to wipe my pee drenched face and hair and we were off. There you go, I’ve been peed on, and not with the sweet breastmilk that newborn boys pee on you with, but with the pee that has just been generated by the large Cherry Icee he just drank an hour ago. 

They all crashed in the car, all but Greta who had taken a nice snooze on my now aching shoulder. 

Here are a few of the highlights from our trip. 








Spring Break Part I

Last week we had the glorious privilege of Spring Break. In all honesty, we had an awesome time(I only was peed in the face one time!) because I was prepared. I needed to have planned activities and a game plan for each day to get the kids out of the house and doing things that normally we wouldn’t do. 

I had to work on Monday and when I work and all 3 are home they need to be separated. I took Gunnar to work with me and my sister took him for a few hours. On Tuesday I had to wake Gunnar up at 8:45am and I took them all to the park from 9-10 to run around and get as much of their energy out as possible before I had to go in to work at 11. I also had some new toys up my sleeve. In the $1 bins at Target that weekend I found some really cute mini wooden bowling sets and tic tac toe sets. I pulled those out as I was walking out the door for work and that kept them busy the rest of the morning. Wednesday I took them swimming at my parents house and they loved it, as usual. Greta was the last to get out of the pool. And Sawyer only almost drowned 3 or 4 times. He was convinced he knew how to swim without his life vest. Convinced. So I told him he could take it off and see what happens. Sure enough he took off from the ledge and quickly sank, after about 5 seconds I pulled him up and he was so puzzled because he thinks he knows how to swim. After that he put his life vest back on but had to test his swimming skills several more times that morning. Each time ending with a sink and a mom rescue. But at least now he is determined to swim like Gunnar this summer. So lessons will be in order. 

That afternoon we did a fun activity that they’ve never done before, we went to Color Me Mine with friends and they each picked out a piece of pottery to paint. Kids are free on Wednesdays so all you have to pay for is their item. Thankfully they chose the same thing so we will have no arguments over what they got. Robots. I love robots. And these are going to look great in their room. Here’s some before, during, and after shots. 


robots2.jpg  gunnar.jpg

sawyer1.jpg  robotlast.jpg






When Greta gets to spend time with Tati (my sister), she cannot wear her normal clothing, she insists on dressing up for the occasion. Here is her ensemble from a week and a half ago where Tati took her for ice cream. Note the Juicy phone case that will be acting as her handbag for the day. 



Greta’s Room

We recently did a swapping of rooms. I think my husband’s resentment that our daughter was 3 feet from our bed and often would wake up and yell for her daddy to come get her out of her crib, not mommy, never mommy, only daddy, was the catalyst for the move. Aaron goes to work early, way too early for me to be aware of the actual time, and during the week, day after day, she would wake up after he left, and I would get out of bed, walk to her crib, with a big happy smile on my face to see my darling daughter, my only daughter, and I would get this reaction, “NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I want DADDY!!!!!!” That’s really nice to wake up to at 6:45am everyday. And everyday I would tell her that her daddy is at work, it’s just me. And she would cry and cry and eventually get over it when I put Sesame Street on the television and she would become entranced by Elmo. Of course, redecorating was then in order. My lovely, sweet, adoring daughter deserved a girlie room and not the boyish room she was going to be taking over, right?

Not really. In fact, she really deserved to sleep with Lola in the mudroom. But I decided that now is the time to redo her room before princess crap took it’s roots in her room. I can see it now, the princess plasticy knick knacky garbage with little pieces and lipgloss wands strewn about her bedroom. The kits that help you become Belle and Aurora (Greta’s all time fave), and at the same time enable you to lose all sense of what a normal female body should look like, and trade that in for the 36 24 36 numbers that Barbie has.

I took my chance and decided I would do this one time, at least for many years to come until she can fight me on it and get her daddy to side with her and make me put pepto bismol walls up and pictures of Hannah Montana on her door. And splash glitter and peel and stick stars on her ceiling. I went for something timeless and sophisticated, yet feminine. Her bedding actually cost more than mine, but I think I like it more than mine too. It came out really nice, and I’m not done yet. I still need things like a lamp, some more art, and one more end table, but for now it’s perfect. And she loves it. And most importantly, daddy is happy too.

Now, in the mornings, she no longer yells for her daddy, instead, she climbs down out of bed, walks into our room and strides right past my side of the bed (which happens to be closest to the door) and goes to her daddy’s side. And what do you think she does 5 days a week when she sees an empty spot? “NOOOOOOO!!!!” She catapults herself onto his pillow and sobs because he has left her. I roll over and give her a sweet kiss and tell her, “but I’m here Greta. Do you want to snuggle with me?” I usually get a palm shoved in my nose to push me away while she wallows in her self pity. Poor thing, men will always make you cry, I just didn’t know it starts this young!