A Little Rearranging with FLOR

I am not necessarily a type A personality, but I do have tendencies. My tendencies lean that way when it comes to toys, art supplies, books. And recently I’ve had minor anxiety attacks when I would enter the boys’ room. It is not a large room, medium sized, but it housed all their toys, bunk beds, and clothes, plus their table and chairs for arts and crafts, homework, play doh. So it was tight. I discovered the growing popularity of FLOR, and I decided that was right for us. The rug is put together with carpet tiles that can be removed and cleaned or replaced one square at a time. How much more perfect can you get! 

A little rearranging was in need which spurred a total relocation of the boys’ art table. It now resides in our dining room and the boys work there all day long. Homework is done here, books are made here, and all their workbooks, okay all of Sawyer’s workbooks, are here as well. They love having a place for all their stuff and being able to create any time the mood strikes them. They no longer have to come to me and ask for their construction paper or markers, they just sit and let their imagination take over.

They have floorspace in their room now to play and I no longer get anxiety attacks upon entering their room, it’s a win win situation. 



At the dinner table. . .

Gunnar: So how does a baby get in your tummy again?

Me: Remember I told you that the moms have the eggs and the dads have the sperm. And the sperm fertilizes the egg.

Gunnar: Oh, right.

Sawyer: I have a question.

Me: No more questions. 


Me: Okay. What’s your question?

Sawyer: What are those things on girls that stand out like this? (cupping his non existent breasts)

Me: You mean your nurnies?

Sawyer: No not nurnies. It’s something else.

Me: Sometimes they’re called boobs.

Sawyer: Yeah! That’s it! Boobs!

Me: Any other questions during mealtime?

Greta: Me! (Looking down her shirt!) Where’s my boobs!!?

Sidewalk Paint

A friend of mine had a brilliant idea, paint, not inside your house where inevitably paint will end up on your floors, walls, tables, chairs, dog, toilet, towels, but paint outside, at the park! Brilliant! They actually make paint for sidewalks, and when it dries it looks like sidewalk chalk. 

Vegas Baby

I don’t know exactly how to begin this little saga called Vegas Baby but I will give a few highlights of our trip.

It began really awesome. If you didn’t know this already, please read carefully, going ANYWHERE without three small children is awesome. I don’t care if you’re taking the garbage to the dumpster, alone. . . it’s awesome. As we arrived at the airport I got that dreaded horrible airport feeling in my stomach and then I realized I wasn’t going to have to wrangle the kids through security taking all 6 shoes off their feet to walk through the metal detector to prove I am not raising terrorists, well. . . just not that kind of terrorists. And all of a sudden I felt great. We breezed through the lines, I even bought some magazines at the airport for our plane ride. I even could handle the airsick nauseous feeling I get when I fly because I didn’t have to worry about six little ears popping and figuring out when and how they would eat, nap, pee. Immediately after arriving in Las Vegas Aaron and I felt so irresponsible, guilty, and selfish. And the feeling NEVER left! The entire time we were eating or reading or laying by the pool we felt as if we had forgotten 3 little very important people.

I know that sounds strange but we have never really gone anywhere without them, even a full day trip, so we really felt awkward. I was constantly checking behind me and checking my watch to make sure we weren’t missing a nap or bedtime, it took a full 24 hours to shake that. 

But we did.

We had a blast. I really didn’t get the quantity of sleep I was planning to get, but come on, it’s Vegas. We went with 2 other couples who we have a lot of history with and we don’t get to see that often, and we all travelled very well together.

One of my husband’s close friends, let’s call him A. Unfortunately, years ago, A had a sports related injury that never quite was fixed. Obviously he isn’t related to me because my family would’ve had every specialist in the country checking on A’s foot. Well, his foot was kind of in for it with all the walking you do in Vegas. And sure enough after the first night on the strip he couldn’t get out of bed. As he and his wife were about to give up on their vacation, Mama Deborah came out full throttle. We rotated Motrin and Aleve every few hours and I found a wheelchair rental and thus gave birth to our new addition we like to affectionately refer to as “Gimpy”.

Okay, there is nothing funny about handicapped people. Nothing. But there is something funny when your friend is not handicapped and everyone is lead to believe he is handicapped. Especially when you wheel him into Nobu at the Hard Rock Hotel and parallel park him at the table. You can imagine the time Aaron had with this development. My stomach is still hurting from all the laughing we did this weekend. We took turns pushing A around and whenever Aaron had his turn, poor A was just wheeled up to a wall, and left there for several minutes. Or in an elevator he would wheel him in, back towards everyone, facing the corner. If you would like more offensive stories I would be happy to share in a less public forum.

Our dinner at Nobu. 

Our hotel was off the strip, we stayed at the Ritz on Lake Las Vegas, and I would stay there again in a heartbeat. One can only take so much smoke and casinos. Here’s some favorite pics of mine from the hotel. 

And this was the angle I saw a LOT of the time. Very relaxing. I finished my first novel in years, very liberating. I highly recommend it too. Disturbing, but very inspirational. 

We did a lot of touring of all the hotels. We saw Mandalay Bay, New York New York, Bellagio, Venetian, Wynn, Hard Rock, and I seriously cannot remember the rest. And please don’t have a heart attack, I was just posing at the slot machine. That was taken right before I was informed by my friend that it’s illegal to take pictures inside the casino. Oops. 

Both Aaron and A were Vegas virgins and I think they were pretty taken aback. Who wouldn’t be? That place is CRAAAAAZY! What makes these women think it’s okay to wear that in public? I don’t think most people would wear that to bed, let alone to a show or restaurant! Lots of spandex, lots of skin, lots of lights, glitz, and glam. But everyone has gotta see it at least once. It’s an experience. I still can’t get over how many of these monstrous hotels are on top of each other in three square miles and all are packed with people and make a ton of money. Some people shots. . . not of the the spandex wearing ones, of us. . .

We learned the hard way that Sundays are not the ideal day to come home. It’s a very ridiculous day to be flying out of Vegas. We learned this after checking in for our flight, sending our bag onto the plane, receiving a boarding pass and then being told that they oversold the flight, like by 30 seats! And first available was 10PM that night. We said thank you but no thank you and decided to rent a car and make the 4 hour drive home. I needed to see my babies by this point. And let me tell you, I drove straight through those four hours with not a single water break, bathroom break, no stop for lunch, I just needed to get home. And here I sit waiting for US Airways to drop off my luggage that arrived earlier today at LAX on the plane we were supposed to be on. 

All in all, we had a blast, but it’s so good to be back with my little people. 




A few weeks ago I began preparations on a project for the kids where we would create a few terrariums. My bay window in the kitchen has been in desperate need of something, preferably alive, preferably needing no watering, preferably needing no maintenance or gardening skill whatsoever. 

Supposedly these need watering once a month, if that. I can do that. It took awhile to get all the supplies, I bought the jars from Target, they’re the 2 gallon Heritage Collection jars in the kitchen section. I found all the instructions of which plants survive well in them and what order to plant everything. Here are our supplies.

Although the only mistake I made was sending Aaron to the gardening store, or whatever you call those places, and I thought sending him with a list would keep the unnecessary purchases to a minimum, but I was wrong. A $100 later he came home with only 3 items on my list. He thought it necessary to purchase large bags of many different sized rocks, not on my list. Also, the need to purchase several different types of moss when only 1 type was needed, not on my list. Also Venus Fly Traps, not on my list. I think the boys had a little persuasion on that one, plants that can eat flies, definitely a must, not on my list. Among other items like several bags of potting soil, plants that are too tall to even fit into a terrarium, I could go on. So in reality, you could probably make one for about $30, including the jar. Just leave my husband home and you’ll be fine.

Greta’s is the 1 gallon jar from the same collection, and she chose to place an alligator inside. All the kids got to pick a few animals to live inside their new homes. 


Mornings are all about ratios. After you have children it no longer is I wake up at this time, I have to be in the shower at this time and I have to leave the house at this time. No. It all comes down to ratios. 

For instance, I have 3 children. So we all have to be awake, fed, dressed, teeth brushed, shoes on, all before walking out the door. So a typical morning begins with the ratio of 1 to 2, 1 kid up and 2 asleep. Slowly it becomes 2 to 1 and then all 3. Then you get into different ratios. Like I have 2 kids fed, 1 kids dressed, and no kids teeth brushed. Then it can easily become 3 kids fed, 0 kids dressed, 2 kids teeth brushed. Sometimes it’s 1 kid fed, dressed, and teeth brushed, and 2 with none of the above. It really is a kind of memory game. The goal of course being 3 for 3 in all areas, but that really can be a challenge. 

I’ll pull Sawyer in the bathroom and sometimes have to thumb his toothbrush to make sure it wasn’t he that I just made brush, or I’ll give the same kid a second plate of breakfast before I realize the crumbs on his shirt. It’s a constant juggle of getting which one out the door completely ready. Gunnar always has to be finished soonest since he starts school first, problem being he is the last to wake up. And of course I am the last to do anything, eat, dress, yes. . .even brush my teeth, since I’m not important in the grand scheme of things. 

I’m constantly running around looking for one missing shoe, putting Sawyer’s shoes and socks back on because he hates wearing anything on his feet. I have to think ahead with him and only put his shoes and socks on about 2 minutes before walking out the door, or else, there will be a little pile next to the door of said items. 

So ratios it has become. That is what our mornings are like. The clock is my enemy and most of the time a pair of socks where the heel just doesn’t fit Sawyer’s foot just right. Next time your alarm goes off and you are just counting the seconds or minutes before you move on to the next step, you can think of us, and what ratio I have at that exact moment. 


We can check off one item on the lengthy “please do this before your children are grown and married” list. With the help of our tax refund computer purchase we have been able to transfer all of our videotapes of the children, vacations, births, first steps. . . on to dvds! We are done!!! 

I was making regular trips to our safe deposit box to fetch the videos and deposit our new dvds, and now I can make one final run with our completed discs. It is quite a feeling of accomplishment. Now all that is left is the minor organizing of our photos prior to my discovery of photobooks, finishing Gunnar and Sawyer’s baby books, starting Greta’s baby book, and then we will be attending Greta’s high school graduation ceremony. Seriously, this cataloguing of their lives is a lot of work. I think this blog is going to make my life so much easier. A friend recently introduced me to Blurb and I will be publishing all my blog entries about once every 6-12 months and these will become our family’s way of remembering all the stories, woes, and experiences we share on an almost daily basis. 

It has been quite emotional to go through these tapes and watch the kids when they were little(r). To see Gunnar and Sawyer at the age Greta is now, it’s just incredible that time has gone so fast. 

I came across this clip of Sawyer at 2 months old. I was trying to explain to Aaron the participation he had in creating our son.