At the dinner table. . .

Gunnar: So how does a baby get in your tummy again?

Me: Remember I told you that the moms have the eggs and the dads have the sperm. And the sperm fertilizes the egg.

Gunnar: Oh, right.

Sawyer: I have a question.

Me: No more questions. 


Me: Okay. What’s your question?

Sawyer: What are those things on girls that stand out like this? (cupping his non existent breasts)

Me: You mean your nurnies?

Sawyer: No not nurnies. It’s something else.

Me: Sometimes they’re called boobs.

Sawyer: Yeah! That’s it! Boobs!

Me: Any other questions during mealtime?

Greta: Me! (Looking down her shirt!) Where’s my boobs!!?


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