We have lift off

I took these the second day of training wheel free bike riding. The first day had some frustration along with it and we had to have a few talks about not giving up and to keep trying. Get back on that horse bike. I think it sunk in just how grown up Gunnar is getting. He graduated Kindergarten a few days ago and  is entering the realm of full blown elementary school kid. I’m just not old enough ready to have a first grader. 

He is loving basketball right now. He took a 10 week long basketball class at the local park and learned the proper techniques of shooting and passing and with the Lakers/Celtics Finals, he was in heaven. He has been rooting for the Celtics all season, but now that they were up against our home team, he was quite torn. 

I was going through a mental checklist of things Gunnar should know before he is 18 and the list is getting smaller and smaller. Swimming. Check. Bike riding. Check. Reading. Check. Shoelace tying. Check. Multiplication. Check. He totally gets the concept of multiplication and loves learning about it. He wants me to try and trick him, which occasionally I do. He can’t think too highly of himself yet, he is only 6. I think some of the only things left is learning how to drive a car and division. And fortunately for me, a learner’s permit is a long way away. But I would have told you that first grade was a long way away too when he was born, and look at us now. First grade is looming in the future. The big yard. The big kids. 

At least now we can ride our big bikes onto the campus before the bell. 


2 thoughts on “We have lift off

  1. I love all your pics of Gunnar this summer – biking, swimming, etc. So many of them are of his back, headed away from you as he is learning all these awesome skills and is more independant, but sprinkled in here and there are the ones that are full face on and you can tell he is happy, proud and looking back to you to bask in the glow of his accomplishments. You are taking such gorgeous pics! What lens are you using?

  2. Thanks Ciaran! I am using my 50 mm 1.4 most of the time, but some of the swim shots are with my telefoto. Of all the summers, this one he seems just so big to me!

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