Natural History Museum

There are still places I have never been to in Southern California after having lived here my whole life. One place that I experienced for the first time with my kids was the Natural History Museum. It’s really close and really interesting.

They boys thought it was the coolest thing and we took advantage of the Dinosaur Encounters that is going on there at the moment. A paleontologist gives a little history and information I have never known about dinosaurs. For instance, did you know that dinosaurs had feathers? That they were really what we consider as birds today? Crazy! And then all of a sudden a life-size juvenile T-Rex comes out. Someone is inside the suit and controls it like a puppet. If I had only got a photo of Sawyer’s face. It was priceless.

Sorry the photos are not very clear, it was really dark and there was a lot of chasing children around large corridors and halls.

Downstairs they have a great insect discovery zone that is very hands on. We got to see some lovely 6 inch cockroaches. Yay.

Sawyer immediately spotted Foxy’s bones. He was delighted to find out that foxes have lived a very very long time.


just a book.

It’s been over a week since I’ve finished reading The Kite Runner, and no book has had such an effect on me. I have to admit I was really strong throughout the whole book, never cried, and then lost it the last few chapters. I cried for 4 days after reading that novel and still think about it. 

I’m not sure what it was exactly that was so powerful for me. The writing. The characters. I mentally understand that it was not a true story, but I cannot help feeling that it IS a true story. That somewhere this is someone’s story. Their life. And that this is going on right now, someplace else. 

One night over dinner my mom and I were discussing the book. She couldn’t get through it and we were talking about why. Sawyer read the title of the book and figured it had to do with kites. I explained to him that it was about kites, but more importantly about 2 boys. He would not stop asking questions about it. Why was one boy so nice and the other not? Why wasn’t he brave? What happened? Tell me tell me. 

I told him I figured it would be on his high school reading list by the time he gets there. And once he’s read it we can discuss it then. Still, my eyes well up with tears when I think about Hassan. It infuriates me so much the injustices people endure. But at the same time it gives me comfort to know this won’t go on forever. 

My reading list is getting longer and longer it seems. I recently created a wish list on Amazon to keep track of the books I would like to read and I was a little overwhelmed with all the books I would really like to devour. In time. I guess there is no real rush. I can’t remember the book name I am going to start next, it’s sitting on my nightstand. Patiently waiting for me. I vaguely remember it having to do with a murder and forgiveness, and the Mormon faith. Can’t remember now. Too late. Must sleep. Will share later.

new accessory

I put my new purchase on my camera as soon as I received it in the mail, so I couldn’t figure out any other way to photograph it. Isn’t it cute? Needless to say Aaron is not so thrilled and all of a sudden it has become his camera, and how can I do this to his camera? Of all things I could’ve done? How could I? 

Sorry. But it’s cute. And it’s not yours. It’s mine.

art archiving

As most know by now, I try to be organized in areas of my life that I deem some control over. Those areas do not include my sleeping habits, movie viewing habits, television viewing habits, going anywhere I want to go habits, etc. But one area I can control is organization of my children’s artwork. I don’t keep everything, okay, I do. But I go through it all at the end of the year and save my most favorites. Up until this point I have an art file box from Exposures for each child for each year. You can imagine, that’s a lot of humongous art file size boxes, and we’re only going into the first grade and pre-k respectively. So I needed a different solution.

Thus came my most wonderful find of the entire summer! If you live in the westside then you have to take advantage of a new store called Scribble Press in the Westside Pavilion. They are a studio set up and also have classes and workshops for children to create and write their own books. They also do custom books, which is what I had made for the kids. Gunnar got 2 books, one for his preschool years and one for kindergarten. Sawyer got a Volume 1 of preschool made and this year we will create his Volume 2 when he graduates. I picked 10-12 pieces of art for each year, doesn’t matter the size, how great or how crappy the art may be. It’s my kids’ and I LOOOOVEEEEE it. I have their art throughout my house, but I needed a way to catalog their creations and I think it will be cool to let the kids look back and their scribbles and see what emerges. 

Already, it’s hilarious to look at Gunnar’s creations at 3 years old versus Sawyer’s. Gunnar’s name is nowhere to be found on any of his art except where his preschool teacher wrote it, and most looks like he did it as quick as possible so he could be excused to go play outside. Sawyer’s on the other hand has his name on most pieces and the time he took on each and every page makes me smile. Here’s what the book covers look like and some pages of what is inside. 

back home.

If you can believe it, Mr. Spiderman, Tobey Maguire and his family were also on our flight home. And he was much better this time around. Very helpful with his wife and child, thank goodness. You’ve redeemed yourself a little in my book, Tobes. 

Aside from some jetlag involving the children still awake at midnight, we’re doing fine. And if you know me and how anal I am regarding my kids’ bedtimes than you can see me twitching still from their lack of sleep last night. I think Greta sleeping for 2.5 hours on the plane had something to do with her sudden burst of energy at 12am. 

Here are some final photos from our last night in Hawaii. We miss you already Hawaii. Sawyer cried when we told him it was the day we were leaving. He insists on moving there someday. Uncle Carl took his stitches out today and the wound looks pretty healed. It will be a small scar to add to the other 2 he has on his face, and the many more I am sure that are yet to come. 

My mom bought Greta her Hawaiian dress the previous evening. She does a little hula dance in it that is pretty darn cute.


We found something Sawyer can do that doesn’t involve submerging his stitches in chlorine! Kayaking. The boy is quite the seaman. Fortunately, as this day he’ll be allowed back in the water. He’s healing pretty good. We only had one minor “sand isn’t good to rub in your cut” incidence. But other than that I think Uncle Carl will be able to remove the stitches on Sunday. Here’s a few pictures of myself, Aaron and Sawyer.