4 stitches

I snapped this right as the sun was setting one evening here, 2 days before an emergency room visit in Waimea to get 4 stitches just next to his right eye. This photo shows Sawyer’s unique eye color, gray. He was born with dark blue eyes that we all thought would turn to brown, but never did. They have stayed for over 2 years now a gray color that I have never seen on anyone else before. It’s amazing with 3 kids how 3 very different eye colors they can have. Blue, gray, and green. I guess I am happy with the variety.

And this is a shot of his stitches. He tripped by the pool and fell into the side of a table. Of all my kids, he’s the most accident prone, and therefore the toughest. Not a tear in the ER. A little flinch when they gave him a few numbing shots, but nothing more. He’s a trooper. And within 24 hours he’ll be able to go back in the water. That was the only thing he was crying about the whole ride to the hospital. “Mama, I just want to go swimming, the cut isn’t really THAT bad, let’s just go back to the pool!” Never a dull moment, even on vacation.


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