Greta Part III

The last of the series from the park this day. I know all the parents there and even the non-parents there thought I looked like the paparazzi with all the shots I took. I just couldn’t help myself.


Project- End Table

Aaron and I made this table together the first year we were married, when we were living in New York. Since we have moved into our house it has just sat in the guest room in a corner, doing absolutely nothing useful. And it’s not that pretty to begin with either. Coincidentally, my children have been bringing into our house many lovely items, like spiders that they catch with their bug vacuum. The spiders sit in their canister all over the house, waiting for my forgetful children to remember to feed them some kind of other live spider or mosquito. Needless to say, I did some table rearranging and used a beat up end table that used to be in our living room as our new porch table. Which now houses all living things so when we walk to the front door we can be reminded of the starving spiders awaiting their dinner. Then I had a missing end table in my living room. This is where this table came in. 

After putting to use my handy power sander, love that thing, I decided to prime and paint it in my favorite color, which I never really liked until about a year ago, orange. I found this gorgeous paint by Benjamin Moore called Navajo Red. I know, it’s not red. This is the first time I bought the paint without sampling it first, I chose it straight off a color card. And fortunately, it was just the right orange that I envisioned. I had them mix it for exterior paint with semi gloss since I think that’s hardier for our furniture which is used daily. Aaron wouldn’t let me use the saw, so he sawed about 7 inches off the legs to make it the right height. Here she is.

And here is our repurposed porch table, already housing a spider family. Although, I’m not loving the black, so not sure how long that will remain black. Maybe for next month’s project. . .

Week in Review

This past week/end was a very busy week for us. Aaron got braces. It’s something that has been about 20 years coming. Unfortunately, because he is an adult they can’t do the same they would’ve done when he was a kid. His top braces got put on and his bottom will go on in another 6 weeks. It helps remind me of what a weaker race men are. He he he. They can’t handle the pain that we can endure. Poor babe. Just kidding. You’re doing fantastic! Way to go! He he he. It also is a gentle reminder of how expensive orthodontic work is. And how we have Aaron now plus 3 kids to go. Thus, we need to start saving 15 years ago. 

Soso has embarked on 12 weeks of vision therapy. He still has reduced vision in his left eye so we’ve started weekly therapy sessions which unfortunately are not covered by insurance either. Yay. And he also got reading glasses. How cute is that? My 4 year old has reading glasses because he reads! He’s doing really well with them, he only wears them when he does his homework or reads, plays legos, etc. 

Then Friday night we took the boys with another family to see this show. Let me just tell you, it was AMAZING! Expensive? Absolutely. Worth every penny? Absolutely. If I could’ve brought my camera in I would’ve been able to show you the looks on these boys faces. Pure awe. Soso did not shut up for a single second the ENTIRE show. This was the dialogue for an hour and a half.

Sawyer: Mama, look at that! Wow! Do you think that’s a plant eater?

Sawyer: No, I bet that is a meat eater! I can tell by their sound.

Sawyer: Check that out. I think that’s a volcano.

Sawyer: Mama, do you see that baby? His mama is going to protect him.

Sawyer: WOW! Do you see his horns? That’s so he doesn’t get eaten by another dinosaur.

Sawyer: Mama, if that animal is a plant eater why did he have to become extinct? He wouldn’t eat US!

Sawyer: That is my favorite! That’s a pteranodon! Do you see how big he is! 

Sawyer: WHOA!

And every once in a while I would nod yes or no. Tell him to shush. Or tell him we’ll have to do our research and find out later. 

If this show comes to your town, GO SEE IT! The kids will remember it forever.

And onto other exciting news, this new pillow is adorning our chaise in our living room. I just love it!

And this is my new bag by Orla Kiely. Love that too.

And Saturday afternoon was spent on this month’s house project. Hopefully I will have pictures to post soon of the before and after.

Gunnar got to spend Sunday with his Papa at the golf course. He was pretty thrilled and I think he knew he was going to be getting some pointers during Papa’s lesson. A busy week indeed.

update- Also kicked Aaron’s butt in Scrabble.

Keratin Update- One Week Later

So it’s been a full week since I did the Keratin Treatment on my hair. And, I am beyond thrilled. I really didn’t know what to expect once I washed it, all I was wishing for was about a 40% reduction in the curl factor. And that’s pretty much what I got. I wear it totally down now all the time, which I really couldn’t do before because of the sheer girth of my hair. It added about 4 inches to the length of my hair because the curl is more relaxed, thus longer. And it is uber soft. I don’t know how long it’s going to last, but I’m hoping for several more weeks, and then my stylist told me that each time you do the treatment it will last longer and longer. Cross your fingers for me! 

Here are some pictures of me with Greta, she was learning what a “G” looked like. So far she knows G, H, and M. I kind of like starting somewhere in the middle of the alphabet when I teach the kids their letters, it’s much more exciting. I have 2 readers down, 1 to go. I figure I might as well start now. 

Okay, try not to stare too intently on my forehead. Do you see those lines!? Botox is looking more and more like a necessity than poison at this moment! Internet, I am only 28!


A friend turned me onto these juice boxes that are actually water! How ingenious! Since the whole scary bisphenol-A revelation we are very anti-plastic. As much as we have control over when it comes especially to our kids. I have been sending the kids to school with SIGG cups and Thermos type containers, but Gunnar lost 2 this year, and at $15 a pop, well, that’s $30, not to mention what Sawyer lost at preschool. So these water boxes come in packs of 6 and are $2.99 a pack, and because we bought a case of them it’s 10% off at your local Whole Foods. That’s about $2.70 for 6, which comes to roughly .45 cents a box. That equals a whole lot of Sigg cups, let me tell you. 

And in case your local Whole Foods doesn’t care this particular kind, they will bring it in from another store free of charge. The brand is Wateroos and it’s the one with the Penguin on the front.