robot talk

We play a little game in the car, usually it’s a distraction tool for the kids. We all take turns talking like robots. This. Involves. Pausing. After. Every. Word.

Here’s the latest conversation:

Soso: I. Am. A. Robot.

Deborah: Hello. Robot. 

Aaron: Are. You. A. Pink. Robot?

Soso: No. I. Am. A. Boy. Robot.

Gunnar: I. Am. A. Golf. Player. Robot.

Soso: I. Have. Blue. And. Black. Stripes.

Deborah: I. Like. Flowers. Can. You. Laugh? I. Can. He. He. He.

Soso: Ha. Ha. Ha.

Deborah: What. About. You? Greta? Are. You. A. Robot?

Greta: No. I. Am. A. Pwincess.


3 thoughts on “robot talk

  1. Hi,
    I know that this is going to seem a bit random, but I am actually commenting to ask you if you had the GQ Buttermilk Pancake recipe that, in a post you put up in April 2008, said your husband made. I actually had the recipe when that particular issue came out and thought they were fantastic. But alas…the recipe was stored in my phone and is now sitting with it at the bottom of a lake. So if theres anyway you might have it, would you be SO kind as to email it to me?? I would be forever grateful.

    Thank you,

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