Not a baby much longer. . .

Greta is just growing up a little too fast. She really acts so adult-like it’s a bit scary. Her new favorite word is “actually”. And she uses it in the perfect context time and time again. For instance, “mama, I don’t want milk, actually I would like some apple juice” or “soso you are not wuke skywalker, actually you are darth bader” followed by a tearful Sawyer who comes to tell on his sister. These pictures just make her seem like a little girl, she’s not a baby anymore. However, she still believes her name is Baby Greta, and I will never correct that one. 


2 thoughts on “Not a baby much longer. . .

  1. Wow, in just the month I’ve been gone, I can’t believe how much she’s grown! Greta really is a little girl now. But she’ll always be Baby Greta to everyone!!

    Thinking of everyone in SM!!


  2. Hey Gianna! Hope you are loving it up there. Stay warm! Yes, she is turning into quite the little girl. And extremely demanding, no clue where she gets that from. . .

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