Will be back.

Well, I’m not going anywhere. But I’ll be back posting by Monday. I am busy packing up the boys and Aaron for a “man” trip to Big Bear. So girls it is for the next 2 days. There will be tea parties and princess dress up and Dora the Explora(as my daughter refers to her).

I can only hope my husband doesn’t lose our boys, or that any of them come back injured seriously. Although they’ve been to snow several times, they’ve never attempted snow sports, well, other than sledding. Snowboarding it is for Aaron and Gunnar, and skis for Sawyer.


just us

When you search through my photos, there isn’t one of Aaron and I alone since January, almost a year ago. So I though I would post some new ones. And yes, according to my daughter, I am Pocahontas. Just temporarily.





my girl. . .

is very talented at ignoring everything around her. This photo epitomizes that. She just carefully sits and concentrates on her cookie, as she often does at home ignoring her brothers nonsense. I believe this photo is in my top 5 faves of 2008.





Fashion Finds

Sometimes I find things that I don’t want to share with anyone. Selfish? Most definitely. But somewhere in the back of my head I think about how if I share then everyone will buy it. And then I logically realize that only around 50-80 people read this blog, so what’s the big deal? So what if 60 people decide to buy my headband, and that’s if all the guys who read my blog buy it too! Who am I joking. Trendsetter I am not. 

But a few things have been very exciting for me recently. I got the Keratin Treatment done again on my hair and I actually learned to straighten it myself on Thursday. I am pretty impressed that it doesn’t even look like I was the one who straightened it! And because of my new discovery of being able to give myself straight hair, I am all about the headbands. 

I didn’t get this exact one, but I can’t find an image of the one I bought, but it’s very similar to this one.


And I bought a pretty, simple gold one at Urban Outfitters along with a really awesome boyfriend type cardigan. It’s really cute in person, but for some reason the photo on their site doesn’t do it justice, maybe it’s the wearing nothing but stockings look that is throwing it off. This is one of those sweaters that is so warm and yummy feeling that you don’t care that you look like you’re wearing your grandpa’s sweater. 


And these shoes are totally me. They’re flat, which is a prerequisite for me on my normal days, zips up the heel which is a love of mine, and gladiator style.


These are my fashion finds for the week. I haven’t been shopping in awhile, so I feel like I scored. I have a few more headbands in my head(ha!) that I can’t seem to find in reality. I would love an elastic band one that goes around the whole head with a really simple peacock feather on the side. But everything I find is too big, too obvious. I will just have to keep looking. 

Happy shopping everyone. Hope you have found some goodies this week!


I almost forgot! My most exciting find! This site called Manic Trout, they have these adorable lucite earrings. I ordered 2 pairs, here is one of them. And they are all really reasonable.


not my kids

It’s always exciting to me to take photos of kids that are not my own. And I’m sure you’ll agree, especially on THIS blog, diversity is good. Because pretty much all you see are photos of MY kids. Well, here are my friends’ kids. I am a little obsessed with the little one, most likely because she likes me. I cheated, Greta is in one of the shots. But it’s too cute to not include.





brother & sister

Sawyer has been on winter break for a little over a week now. And surprisingly, Greta and he have been getting along really well. Too well, almost. It’s a little strange if you ask me for them to spend so many hours together and not try to kill each other. 

The other morning I had taken Gunnar to school and was loading the dishwasher and I realized I had heard from the two little ones for over 30 minutes. Odd, most definitely.

They then marched into the kitchen with their plan. They were talking amongst themselves about the new game they created. It went something like this,

Sawyer: Greta, I know! Let’s play something called Brother & Sister.

Greta: Okay! How bout I be the sister and you be the brother?

I am thinking to myself that it’s only a matter of minutes before they are asking me for knives and sharp objects to inflict pain on one another.

Sawyer: Okay. 

Greta: What should we do?

Here we go, I know it. . . they’re going to strangle each other. Because of course, that’s how THIS brother and sister normally behave.

Sawyer: You follow me. 

They proceeded to put on their rainboots. They then marched around the house. They told each other to do various duties such as pour water into the dog’s water bowl. Sprinkle a few dog food pellets into the dog water bowl. Open and close umbrellas until one of them broke. Crawl in and out of Sawyer’s bed, still wearing their rain boots, and pretend to sleep, and them be woken up by the “brother/sister”. 

I honestly had no clue that this could possibly go on for 2 hours. If I could sing, I seriously would’ve been singing. To have them create a game called Brother & Sister and it not involve murder of some kind makes me proud. And then the fact that it never donned on them that in reality they truly are Brother & Sister.

If winter break is going to be like this for 3 more weeks, bring it on!

Book Post

It’s been awhile since I’ve done an update on our books to read/have read. Gunnar has seriously discovered the joy of reading. In fact, I have to pry the book from his hand and make him turn the light off. It most likely has to do with the book he picked out at the library last week, this one.

Sawyer is devouring books, and I can’t check them out from the library fast enough. Just this weekend he read, Biscuit Goes to School, Biscuit’s Big Friend, Biscuit’s New Trick, and May I Have a Cookie Please? all totally unassisted. Thank goodness I hit the big Scholastic Book Store sale last week. I spent around $90 and walked away with at least 30 books. 

Greta is loving her new Eloise collection that my mom surprised her with. 

Eloise in Moscow

Eloise’s What I Absolutely Love Love Love

Eloise in Hollywood

And I have a stack of books on my nightstand that I can’t wait to devour, after I reread a favorite series of mine. Aaron? Oh, I’m sure he’s checking out some government conspiracy book, I’ll let you know when I see it.