Ojai- Part II

Thursday we headed up to the Santa Barbara Zoo. The Lees met us there and the kids could not have been happier to see one another. Greta and Alissa are too adorable together. Their conversations are too funny. I had never been to this zoo and it was the perfect size. We covered the entire zoo in about 2.5 hours. And we had a lovely picnic lunch that Jane had packed for us too. The highlight of the day may have to be the giraffe feeding. Jane opted out of this one. And she was smart too, you can see the line of slime in the photos! But the kids thought it was the coolest thing around. 

After the zoo we all went back to the hotel for some down time and dinner. It was a perfect day indeed. 

Greta loved the elephant and the elephant loved the pumpkins. 









This series is my most favorite. I love the progression and Alissa’s expressions! I cannot get over that tongue!!







One thought on “Ojai- Part II

  1. we had such an awesome day with everyone…we missed you as soon as we left 😦 the giraffe ones with alissa are so classic her…terrified/horrified until it is over, and then all smiles haha 🙂 oh and please send the last one of her and greta…LOVE it.

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