Santa Monica Pier

I have to admit, despite my hatred for Santa Monica, their carousel rocks. It’s one of the only redeeming qualities in my opinion. Maybe I lack appreciation since I am born and raised here, but I just don’t get the fascination with this city. It’s really gross. The air, beach, including the sand is so polluted I would never let my kids in that water. And just the streets are so grimy, not to mention the amount of homeless people. My list goes on, but the carousel at the pier, that I like.

When the boys took off for their “man trip” Greta and I met some friends down at the pier. The photos in the mirror, while the carousel was moving, were really difficult to get!



I just love the lights behind her on this one.





And this little boy is just gorgeous, I hope my friend doesn’t mind, but couldn’t resist.


And this daredevil!



2 thoughts on “Santa Monica Pier

  1. Mandy called to let me know I should check out your blog for the photo of Matthew, and of course we don’t mind you posting that picture. He is rather cute, isn’t he 😉

    I also love the shot you took of Greta with the carousel lights in the background — very artistic.

    It was great seeing you guys, thanks for braving the area to come down!

    Oh – and love the blog!

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