not a “new year’s” resolution. . .

Okay, I don’t really know why we don’t make new year’s resolutions. I mean maybe I just want to make some new resolutions and it not have to do with the new year. How’s that? Well, forget that it’s January, let’s just call it short and long term goals. Ah ha, that sounds pretty good, right?

I am a total goal oriented person, a little too much sometimes. When I get in my mind to do something I do it. But then there are those things I don’t make as a goal because I know I just can’t do them or maybe I should say don’t want to do them. I figure writing my goals and posting them on my blog will make me actually complete them. So here’s my goals, a little crazy some may be, but they’re mine none the less. And of course these are not all my goals or else you would already have stopped reading this post. But these are some new ones, ones that I haven’t really attempted in years past. And I’m not going to write about being a better mom, or daughter, or christian, these are specific things I really want to achieve. 

1. Entertain once a month, not including my family who is here like every day, but friends and people in our congregation.

2. Kiss my husband more. I know it sounds very strange, but after almost 9 years of marriage, sometimes I forget. . .

3. Make designated dirty laundry and clean laundry baskets, not put clean clothes in the baskets that were housing the dirty ones. This is a total revelation to me, never thought about it til a friend mentioned it and now it makes total sense. So far I have done this for the last 2 days and it’s not that complicated, although as soon as Aaron is in the laundry mix I will have a whole new set of problems, he doesn’t like order very much. . .

4. Potty train Greta. It is soooo time. And it is my most dreaded thing to do, but you already know that. I figure if nothing else it will lead to some very interesting, funny and or/horrifying posts.

5. Start taking photographs of other people, families, couples, whoever. Just get more serious about it. And possibly, possibly, possibly, almost not really there, but in the far far far away distance, only a slight slight possibility, but  m a y b e  look into maybe a side photography biz. I know, as if I’m not busy enough? Am I trying to kill myself? I think I won’t do it just to avoid these questions from my mother. But I really enjoy it, and I’ve had some people ask about taking photos of their family. I even was recommended by a friend, who obviously has way too much faith in me, to do a wedding. Yeah, so not there yet. But I did offer my services for their engagement shots. And I figure, what’s one afternoon a month, especially doing something you do all day anyways, it will mix it up a little and I would learn a ton. You never know. . .

6. Never miss a week of our family worship night. 

I think that will do it for now. I don’t want to get too ahead of myself and start to hyperventilate over everything that I have to accomplish. Because you know me, now that it is written. . . it will come. Not really. But that’s what I’d like to happen. And remember I put no time limits or constraints on these goals, so they could take a very long time to come to fruition, but hey, at least they are out there now in the big, bad blogosphere.


7 thoughts on “not a “new year’s” resolution. . .

  1. Hi There, you were probably unaware that both Jamie and I read your blog faithfully. We adore the witty humor, hilarious kid stories and I esp. love the rants… as a person “suffering” (I actually enjoy it) with OCD myself, I can completely understand and sypathize with all your cleaning and organizing posts. Anyway, I just wanted to say YES you can have a photographers biz. I love every photo you have on the site. Maybe you could specialize in kids photography??? I think you capture something special in each photo… almost like a little glimpse into their personalities… one of my fav’s (which is tough ’cause i like them all) is Greta with the cookie, she is SO focused on the cookie 🙂 I love it.
    Keep up the great writing… have you ever though of writing as a part-time, when the kids are in bed, career? You keep Jamie and I returning to read every week.

  2. Shannon, the first thing out of my mouth when I checked my email was, “Aaron, did you know Shannon Florio reads my blog!!!” That’s hilarious, and I’m glad I keep you both smiling. And thanks for the photo props(insert blush here).

  3. Hope you don’t mind, Jamie introduced me too it. I think you or Aaron must have showed him when he was out a few years ago. I also have my sister-in-law reading it. She has 2 kids. A boy, 5 and, a girl ,3 … it’s encouraging for her to see that all brothers and sisters at this age act like this… I showed her the “M&M” entry and she’s been reading ever since. We had our own M&M experience with the neice and nephew a few weeks before and we laughed HYSTERICALLY when we read about yours.
    BTW, I really think you should be published.

  4. No not at all! We were just saying to each other, it’s time Jamie came out for a visit, it’s been awhile! Glad you enjoy it and can share the laughter. If published meant some NY editor found my blog and paid me a chunk of change just to record the daily life of my children, for sure! But doubt that will happen.

  5. oh and we would love for you to do our family pics this year! i kinda wanted to ask you last year but you hadn’t yet shared your photography career aspirations. but yes, we want to set it up for sometime this spring if you’re available 🙂

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