Mammoth Part 3

So the bangs distracted me a little. Sorry. Back to some fun Mammoth photos. And these are not all of them! I still have maybe 2 more posts of my favorite pics to share. Here are some fun sledding photos.

There was a little debate in the house over the correct term to use. This activity we did, I refer to as sledding. My husband, born and raised in the Midwest, also refers to it as sledding. Because well, you are on a sled obviously. The only Puerto Rican in the house insisted, no demanded, it be referred to as sleigh riding. Yes, that’s right. S L E I G H riding. Now, as far as I am aware a sleigh is something that is pulled by some type of animal. Like a horse, could be a dog, hey, may even include some wolves or a reindeer. But a sled is not a sleigh. So please feel free to let me know what you think regarding these terms. And if you live in the colder part of the nation, I believe you are more of an expert on it than this Angeleno, or that Puerto Rican.

Here are the girls, Mallory and Greta, chillin in the snow, trying to catch some sun.


And we still had Family Worship night. And ice cream of course was a part of it.


Our little future snowboarder taking a turn with daddy.




I love this one of the boys. Their expressions are priceless. The kids could’ve spent the entire day sledding, but the adults were the ones who got exhausted much faster.








8 thoughts on “Mammoth Part 3

  1. No No No No.
    I have to put my two cents in.

    Elliott is most absolutely, certainly, definitely wrong.

    You & Aaron are correct.Those are without question SLEDS. Not sleighs.

    I may be a native Californian, but living in a snowy part of the US I can answer with conviction: SLED NOT SLEIGH!!

    I think Elliott has a subconscious Santa fantasy he was trying to bring to the surface.

  2. Totally!!

    And sorry for all the separate comment posts. I’m on my blackberry & it apparently wasn’t my friend last night.

  3. OK.. here it is. I couldn’t resist, as Deborah invited those who live in the colder regions of the states to settle the sleigh/sled debate. I qualify and I did research.

    You are technically both right … you weren’t expecting that. It of course depends many things…

    It can be considered a sled, sleigh, kicksled, flyer, saucer or toboggan, depending on the back, runners or no runners, length and shape and more importantly where you are from…I leave you to fight it out for yourselves.

    But don’t take my word for it (I digress here)… I grew up in Maine next to the family farm and have lived in New Hampshire for my adult life where we are buried under 4 to5 feet of snow for 5 months out of the year…. so I resign to the professionals…

    you may notice at the above, the definition of “sled” includes the definition “a sleigh” … I leave you to draw your own conclusions.

    However, here in New England the activity is called “sledding”… sorry Elliot.

    So that was my little opinion for today. I apologize if I’ve offended/stepped out of bounds/annoyed anyone.. I meant well…lets chaulk it up to the 5 feet of snow I’m currently buried beneath.

    Really missing the sun in NH,

  4. Thanks for info, although that doesn’t really help my case against the Puerto Rican.

    Jamie- Aaron may kill me for exposing this, but they are Kirkland brand sunglasses! Yes, my husband bought Costco sunglasses and he loves them. LOVES them!! You’d think I would’ve rubbed off on a him just a little tiny bit by now. . .

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