what a big brother

At least once a week Gunnar asks me to have another baby. And my answer is always, no. Don’t the two you have drive you crazy, why add to the mix?

But then I see him with a baby, and I realize he is just such an awesome big brother. He is so tender and so sweet. Yes, a little manipulative, but you kind of have to be when negotiating with a two year old to get your star wars ship back before it’s broken or eaten. I snapped these one night in Mammoth while Gunnar was keeping the cutest little destructive devil quiet so we could clean up the kitchen after dinner. I think this was the longest she sat still for 5 days. But with that face, come on, you can’t stay angry.




4 thoughts on “what a big brother

  1. Your boy is so special. One of my favorite moments was when he sang to Alissa when she was a week old, cradling her in his arms and whispering, “You’re so cute” in her ears. He will grow up and get pimples and his voice will change but that moment is how I will always see him.

  2. Oh sweet. Except for the pimples part. Not gonna let that happen. He will be getting regular facials at a very young age. Although maybe the pimples will deter girls. . .

  3. you are calling my baby a devil ? Wait till I tell her that her favorite “Deba” thinks she is demonic. It will break her little heart…sniff sniff…..

  4. i mean that in the cutest sweetest way, with her wearing a little red headband with horns on it. you know i want her to come live with me. i’m just waiting for her to drive you completely insane before i show you the adoption papers.

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