Greta’s Favorite Playtime

I cannot tell you how many times a day Greta asks me to play “prince and princess” with her. I am always stuck being the prince. Always. The activity involves her little figurines and we usually end up back at her dollhouse, no, don’t get any ideas now. They always get married first. Well, one day I decided to videotape her and I playing “prince and princess”. This is the unedited version, I posted a shorter version on Facebook earlier this week. Anyways, it’s about 5 minutes and it’s pretty entertaining. And I am so happy that I have these clips because in a few years when she is speaking like a grown up person, I will get to look back and remember her little voice.

Aaron and I attempt to liven it up occasionally, but ultimately it usually ends in the prince marrying the princess and then I take the Cabbage Patch sprout horse and they ride to the castle, and then, yes, you know, live happiwy eveh aftew.


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