a post for my grets


When my camera comes out, it is near impossible to get this girl to crack a smile. So this particular day I had to take full advantage of my fleeting opportunity. Soso was cracking her up, she could not stop laughing. And I just love these of her. My Grets. She is getting so big, and non baby like. It makes me sad that my baby is almost no longer a baby.



Time for some Toys & Books

I have fallen inlove with this brand and it hasn’t even arrived yet. I saw it at our most favorite boutique toy store. It’s a company I believe from the UK, called Le Toy Van. There stuff is all wooden and so unique. I didn’t even realize that the boys favorite pirate ship from a few years ago is also made by this brand. I think I am more excited for our purchases to arrive than Greta will  be. She doesn’t know that I’ve ordered a few pieces that the store was sold out of. Here’s what will be coming in the mail shortly.


And how cute is this?!!


My mom was suckered into this teapot cafe. Seriously, I am already planning some pretty cool tea parties with this. . . I mean Greta. . .


And lastly, look at this theatre!


Now, please, don’t assume I have no self control. None of the dolls come with the sets, and I will have to get some of those, but the things I held myself back from buying, but really really really want are these. Be still my heart!



And on a book note, we have been reading every night since we bought it, and are so excited that they are coming out with a movie. . . Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs.


Happy Playing and Reading!

some days. . .

you can just tell the moment you wake up that it’s going to be a bad day. For instance, if you are awake and the sun is not up, not a good sign. Because you know you obviously did not just awaken on your own before dawn, but some other little person has done the job for you. Which ultimately means that they will be cranky early on in the day, in need of a nap. And when they’re overtired they don’t nap well, which leads to a cranky afternoon and a horrid evening.

This particular day I just had the feeling it was going to be one of those days. I was up at 5:45 with Greta, and then before 7:30am I was cleaning up broken glass strewn all over the kitchen floor. And not just broken glass but broken glass covered in thick honey cough syrup. Yeah, really gross. 

I had two choices. I could either surrender to the bad day and stay in my pajamas the whole day and curse my husband every time he called for impregnating me three times, or I could try and change this rotten day and salvage the rest of my sanity.

I cleverly chose for option 2. I decided to pack up Sawyer and Greta after I took Gunnar to school and take them to a park in Santa Monica with our old pita bread to feed to the ducks. They were beyond thrilled at this unusual Friday morning activity. And our day went from sucky to fun. Well, almost fun. Except for the part where Greta had to poop in the public bathroom at the park. That part was gross. But other than that, we had a lot of fun. And I realize that all the dishes, and all the dirty laundry, and all the clean laundry will still be there when I return. But I on the other hand will be in a better mood when I get to all those chores. 

So here’s our not so sucky day after all.








Multicultural Show- Spain

This is Sawyer’s second and last year of preschool. sniff sniff. 

Today was his last Multicultural Show. sniff sniff.

Last year you may remember he did Italy, and this year it was Spain. The difference in how big the four year olds are compared to the three year olds is amazing. I couldn’t believe that he was that small last year! sniff sniff.

And the thought that Greta will be up there next year for her three year old show? Too much for me to handle. sniff sniff.

Sawyer was dressed in a little Zorro-esque costume, he looked a lot like Aaron did here. He was so cute with his little cape. These pictures crack me up, his expressions are priceless. He even has his tongue sticking out in some of them. I love that they’re blurry and fuzzy, it just makes the whole cape twirling thing real to me. 





Not a baby anymore. Oh, just wait til the graduation post! Forget it, you will be able to see the tear marks through the screen!



House Project- March

Wow, it’s been awhile since a project has been completed in this house. And this isn’t so much a project, but a “necessity” according to my husband. We never watch TV in our bedroom, we have this really crappy TV from 8 years ago that we’ve been using. It’s just not worth it when downstairs is a beautiful plasma to sit and watch your shows on. In fact, I’d rather watch TV on my computer than on that junk.

For years we’ve wanted to mount a flat screen up there but there has always been a more important purchase. Like diapers, food, electricity, you get the point.

Well, each year we receive a tax refund and we usually renew our annual Disneyland passes, take a small weekend trip somewhere with the kids, pay down a credit card bill if it got out of hand near the end of the year, and buy a piece of electronic equipment that Aaron has been eyeing. Last year it was our new Mac, the year before camcorder. . .

I told Aaron he should price flat screens for our bedroom, and I should’ve known something was up when only hours later he asked me how much I expected to pay for one. Interesting question, but I wasn’t expecting deceit so I answered him honestly. No less than 24 hours later, I came home from work, walked in our bedroom and it was done. On the wall, mounted, boxes dismantled. Very interesting. And when I looked at the screen I noticed my photos from my library on the computer changing on the screen. That’s when I noticed the little box on the floor, Apple TV. You see he took the number I gave him and apparently that was too high for reality. So instead of us saving the extra few hundred dollars, he went and bought an Apple TV, and therefore came in $4 under budget. So scandalous. And I hope that Apple TV was worth it because that’s the last time I fall for that trick.

The Apple TV is awesome however. Awesome. The first night I went to sleep watching old home movies of our trip to Mexico. I can scan through any photos or movies. And then I can go to the apple site and purchase any shows or movies to watch. Too easy. I didn’t realize how convenient watching television in bed is. 

      So here are a few BEFORES of our ugly wall and television.



And the AFTER:



I know, it’s not terribly exciting. But at least we’re making progress. Our bedroom is the least “lived in” as far as furniture, decorations, and wall art are concerned.


Okay, maybe not completion, more like, birth. But I am beyond thrilled to announce the product of my labor. I figured creating a website would be kind of expensive and really time consuming. My techno-junkie husband helped me do it without either of those things. It took maybe 4-6 hours to create, and of course it still needs some tweaking. But it was really reasonable, cost wise. I have received a lot of inquiries regarding prices and packages and sample photos. So I have put it all in one place and will build from here. 

I welcome you to come visit,


I link to it also in my blog list on the right. This is where I will update photo shoots I am working on. I have put a little “blog” section for this purpose. But no doubt I will let you know here first whenever I add goodies. I hope you like it as much as I do. I am so thrilled that I can look forward to doing something I love so much more often.

something really exciting

Okay, this week is a very exciting week of posts. Which do I start with first!? Well, THE MOST exciting thing is that Ms. Grets is wearing princess panties. She is a poopin and peein fool. That girl is doing awesome! I am so proud of her. 

Of course I could go into great detail about how different boys and girls are in every aspect, but the most significant difference has been in potty training. With my boys, it truly was potty “training”. I was the trainer they were the trainee. They literally had no clue how their body worked and where that pee came from and when it was coming. It was potty bootcamp for about 4-5 days with each of them, and by the end of the 2nd day they actually learned the concept that they got a “feeling” right before they were going to pee. However, this “feeling” was only about a 15-20 second window to get to a toilet, pants down, and aim. But they had it down after a few days and me shoving sippy cups in their face along with salty foods. The key with the boys was getting them to pee every 10-15 minutes so that they had a lot of practice.

With Greta, totally different story. We had spent 5 consecutive days with her little friend Alissa, who happens to be 3 months older than Greta and fully potty trained. So Greta was used to going to the bathroom with her and watching her pee and washing hands, many times a day. It was a good introduction to Greta, and definitely an inspiration. A few weeks ago I had informed her that we were on our last pack of diapers and we weren’t going to buy any more. I showed her all the panties in her drawer and she seemed to think it was exciting. Well Wednesday we used our last diaper. She woke up from her nap around 2:30 and I told her she would wear panties. I was a little paranoid because she had ballet class that day and I didn’t want her to pee in her ballet outfit and be embarassed and once I put her in panties I didn’t know how easy it would be to put her in a pullup. She went 2 hours staying dry and then she insisted on keeping the panties on for class. I thought either I’m very brave or very stupid. 

Of course, 5 minutes into the drive, she has to pee. I told her to try her best to hold it in, and sure enough we run into ballet class, sit on the toilet, and she pees. Amazing! She went to ballet class, came out still dry. Went home. Dry. Get this, she even told me WHEN she had to pee. This is still day 1. 

That night my lovely husband was going to watch her for an hour. And as much as I warned and threatened HIM that she had done so well all day, please remind her and take her to the toilet, she had her first accident. But I can’t tell you how cute she was about it. When I saw her she told me how she didn’t mean to do it, she was so disappointed, I told her that she was doing so wonderful, and not to worry about. In fact, Sawyer explained to her that he had accidents much older than she was now, so not to worry.

The next morning I was a little concerned since she hadn’t pooped Wednesday. And this was our second accident. However, she was mortified at what her panties looked like, and that was the last time she did that in her panties. She hasn’t had an accident since. So after 2 accidents total, she is a little girl. Fully trained. And I am amazed that she already knows how to hold it, she is so proud of herself. I am in shock that I no longer have a child in diapers. I have been changing diapers for over 7 consecutive years. Yes, 87 straight months of diaper changing. That’s a whole big landfill of diapers with our name on it. Fortunately by the time I had Greta they had more environmentally friendly diapers, but still, we did our damage to the planet. Sorry Earth.

Today I went to Target and out of habit turned down the diaper aisle. I couldn’t believe that I wasn’t purchasing diapers. It feels very good. Extremely liberating. Way to go Grets!

I know I promised to post before and afters of this month’s house project, and I just didn’t have the time. I will post it this week, promise.