McKenna & Seth Engagement Shoot

And here is the birth of Deborah Justine Photography. I am really excited about this and went to the city to register my new business venture a few weeks ago. I was very excited when McKenna asked me to shoot their engagement photos and we talked about the style and look of the photos she wanted. I really hope that you like these! 

McKenna and Seth were much easier to work with than my kids, I loved how cooperative they were and they never told me no, no matter how crazy or silly they thought they looked. This is what I envisioned for your photos, and I am so thrilled that I actually was able to follow through what I visually planned in my mind into the photographs. These are just a few to show the variety we did, and I have probably another few dozen for you to look through McKenna.

Seth owns a rad car and I am so happy he brought it to the shoot. I may be needing to borrow that car for a prop in the future! Don’t worry, I won’t drive it.

Here’s your sneak peek! Enjoy.






My favorite shot of the day. It was hard for me to choose since I have a few favorites, but this one is my tops!















7 thoughts on “McKenna & Seth Engagement Shoot

  1. my favorites: the one shot from above where her yellow coat pops and the very last one. they just feel the sweetest to me. they are all really good though.

  2. ok, a better and more cheesy description of why i like those 2 photos the best, their love seems to shine through in them. yes, that’s it!

  3. Great job! You definitely have an eye. I love the one on the staircase and Mc is looking at the lens. I am completely drawn to it. And the B&W close up is great light and composition. The one with her yellow coat really pops and looks like them. Terry loves the glasses and the car. Some actually look like you put a water filter on them – almost liquid. Really beautiful. I think you caught the moment for them. A moment they can remember forever. Thank you

  4. I can’t choose a favorite. They are all composed very well, good angles, locations and the subjects look fantastic. Congrats McKenna and Seth. Ooh and congrats on opening your photography business.

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