some days. . .

you can just tell the moment you wake up that it’s going to be a bad day. For instance, if you are awake and the sun is not up, not a good sign. Because you know you obviously did not just awaken on your own before dawn, but some other little person has done the job for you. Which ultimately means that they will be cranky early on in the day, in need of a nap. And when they’re overtired they don’t nap well, which leads to a cranky afternoon and a horrid evening.

This particular day I just had the feeling it was going to be one of those days. I was up at 5:45 with Greta, and then before 7:30am I was cleaning up broken glass strewn all over the kitchen floor. And not just broken glass but broken glass covered in thick honey cough syrup. Yeah, really gross. 

I had two choices. I could either surrender to the bad day and stay in my pajamas the whole day and curse my husband every time he called for impregnating me three times, or I could try and change this rotten day and salvage the rest of my sanity.

I cleverly chose for option 2. I decided to pack up Sawyer and Greta after I took Gunnar to school and take them to a park in Santa Monica with our old pita bread to feed to the ducks. They were beyond thrilled at this unusual Friday morning activity. And our day went from sucky to fun. Well, almost fun. Except for the part where Greta had to poop in the public bathroom at the park. That part was gross. But other than that, we had a lot of fun. And I realize that all the dishes, and all the dirty laundry, and all the clean laundry will still be there when I return. But I on the other hand will be in a better mood when I get to all those chores. 

So here’s our not so sucky day after all.









5 thoughts on “some days. . .

  1. I just wanted to say that I love reading your blog! Your children and home seem like a very happy place. With two boys of my own I know what you mean about cleaning up….it drives me crazy some days because I like things to be clean and orderly but with two kids that is barely possible. What is like with 3 kids??? I am stilling trying to convince my husband that we need one more ..a girl. But he says were done!! My youngest is only 6 months so I have some time to work on him!! Just to let you know that I love to read your blog and look forward to all your daily rants and beautiful photos.

  2. You make me laugh more than you even know. You make JEREMY laugh more than you know too. I share with him all of your stories and he loves it too. First, you are awesome! Second, what lens of filter and/of setting are you using for those old skool looking pics?!? LOVE IT!!! Love ya!

  3. Thanks ladies. I’m so glad you all get a kick out of my blog. Sometimes I write thinking that no one will understand or even read it, and you know what, that’s okay. Because I really just write and shoot for some kind of release of my own. But I’m glad it makes you all smile.

    Lillian-I was using my 24-85mm lens, set to AV, and I think the range of aperture I used was somewhere between 7.0 and 9.0 because it was a nice sunny day. The effects I do are layers in Photoshop. Or if you have Aperture, (I don’t think you do because I think Jeremy is anti-Mac) that’s where I play with the color saturation and contrast, it’s very similar to Photoshop but cheaper and not as complicated. I only recently started using Photoshop, but Aperture is still my go-to edit software.

  4. Thanks for the info on the settings and lens’. He’s not EXACTLY anti-Mac, per se…but I think he has a copy of Photoshop. HAHA!! Thanks!!

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