babies babies babies

My sister threw a baby shower this weekend for a dear friend of hers. Gaby is a sweet girl who is going to be an awesome mom. I was a bit unnerved by the large number of pregnant women present. You see, I am quite fertile. So I don’t like to be around pregnant people too long, I get a little scared something is going to rub off on my shirt and then you know how that goes. You get a little pheromone on your shirt and then next thing you know, you’re knocked up. Wait. That’s not how it works? Maybe that explains my 3 kids. Well, technically 2. Since I actually planned one of them. The other two, not so much.

Back to the shower. My sister put Gaby’s 4D ultrasound photos on the tables and she got lots of great presents. And Greta was quite the helper unwrapping all the presents. I wasn’t sure she would understand the concept of unwrapping and not keeping. But she totally dug it.

And I am pretty excited to be shooting her pregnancy photos tomorrow. So stay tuned.








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