a few random tidbits

For one, I threatened to divorce my husband today. He informed me that he has been listening to the audiobook entitled, Electric Universe. Huh? I know he’s a little nerdy, but I never really signed up for that level of nerdiness. Then he tried to attempt to make it sound better, and threw in word like electron hole and configuration. Seriously? I thought I married a very sweet, humble, easy going guy with a tendency toward nerdiness, not full out proud to be a nerd who listens to audiobooks on electricity. And coincidentally, his new book arrived in the mail yesterday, and this one is entitled, Einstein His Life & Universe.

But enough about my nerdy spouse. Here’s a fun conversation that happened today at lunch. I took the kids and met Aaron at Baja Bud’s, and this was about 25 minutes before Aaron got in a car accident with a parked car in the parking lot. Fun times. This is how it went,

Sawyer: Mama, why do you always say BaHa Bud’s? It says it on the cup it’s BaJa Bud’s, with a J.

Me: I know, but you see in spanish the “J” is pronounced like an “H”, and since they serve Mexican food here, you pronounce it that way.

Gunnar: You know in China they have like 50 thousand letters in their alphabet.

Me: Really.

Gunnar: Yeah.

Sawyer: Did you just say there’s 50 thousand letters in vagina?!

Me: No, he said CHI-NA. CHI-NA.

Sawyer: Oh.

And in other news the kids are officially driving me insane. This whole spring break thing where the kids don’t go to school is dumb. I mean who came up with this idea? Let’s just pick a random week in springtime and keep the kids home. Seriously, I don’t think it was a mother who came up with this, it must’ve been a dad. A nerdy dad who likes to read about Einstein and listen to audiobooks about electron something or other.


4 thoughts on “a few random tidbits

  1. Ah HAHAHA!!!!!!!!! That is TOO funny about vagina and China!!!!!!!!!!! Kids are awesome! Thanks for sharing and letting me have a nice good laugh today!

  2. hilarious “china” conversation!
    and i have a geeky husband too, in a big way…i love it!

    hey, i believe you’re a good one to ask, where can i find a snazzy camera bag?

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