day at the aquarium

We became members of the Aquarium of the Pacific recently. I believe it pays for itself in one visit for our family. And as a bonus we received a free parking pass and 2 free guest passes. These were put to good use with Aaron’s family. I think Grandpa enjoyed the aquarium as much as the kids did. We’ve been there a ton of times but for some reason never waited for the sea lion show. It was great and Greta does a very good impression of waving her flipper and opening her mouth for a treat.


Favorite shot of the day, love the sea lion swimming behind her.






And after we had a nice walk along the harbor for lunch at P.F. Changs. By the way, they have great lunch specials that I never knew about. I have made a mental note of that.

I believe this evening was when Aaron and Zeb decided to have a pullup contest. Aaron claims that since Zeb only weighs 115 pounds, it didn’t count that he could do a few, and Aaron could only do. . . wait for it. . . zero. In fact it became a humorous little quarrel among the two of them, egged on by myself, over who was stronger, tougher, and taller. Although Aaron wins on the strength, Zeb was a head taller. But no doubt if Uncle Judah was here, he could waste the both of them. he he


3 thoughts on “day at the aquarium

  1. Judah couldn’t do squat, he’s awkward and would accidently break your table, then his face would get all red. Also, Aaron was able to do one, after he cheated.

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