ballet recital

Greta had her first ballet recital recently. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen. Well, if not the cutest, then pretty darn close. She warmed up first and then put on her yellow tutu costume. The girls were beyond adorable.

ballet  1679ballet  1684

ballet  1680ballet  1681

ballet  1682ballet

And we are back from Palm Springs, but unfortunately on the drive out there I lost my voice. I think I have mentioned before that I lose my voice when I get really stressed? Anyways, it happened a few months ago and I didn’t really address it until it turned into a full blown upper respiratory infection. . . ahhh. . . now you remember don’t you? Well, the doctor on call was nice enough (this time, normally she is really mean) to call in a prescription that my regular doctor put me on last time. And sure enough within 24 hours my voice is back. I still sound like I have a touch of emphysema, but so much better than the whispering I was doing before. Unfortunately the doctor on call was NOT nice enough to call in that lovely cough syrup with codeine that I got last time. But I believe I saved some, so I’m off to search the medicine cabinets.

I will try and post some photos from Palm Springs later this week. The kids had a blast, it’s unreal how many hours they could spend in a pool during a 40 hour vacation. They got to swim at night which was extremely exciting for them. Hope you all had a great weekend!



i’m out. til next monday. going with the familia to palm springs to soak up some sun, well as much sun as i can get wearing a huge hat and sitting under an umbrella with spf 30 on. but the kids will return to their fish form that they love so much. sawyer is a bit freaked because i made the mistake of telling him that we’re going to the desert for a few days. he has cried for about 30 minutes straight about how much he doesn’t like sand and camels. i tried to convince him that we actually LIVE in a desert and there will be no sand. no camels. just pools. there will be pools to swim in. he is convinced it will be 100 degrees and sandy. i even showed him the resort’s website and of course when it logged on there was a huge picture of a guy golfing in a sand trap. oops.

Strawberry Festival

One Sunday we drove up to Oxnard for the Strawberry Festival. We met up with another family and the kids went on some rides, enjoyed some strawberries. It’s only once a year so it was pretty busy. I had my fill of “fair” food and rides for awhile. But I must say, it was the best strawberry smoothie I’ve ever tasted. Greta did not hesitate once on this humongous slide.

fest  1516fest  1517

fest  1518

fest  1519

fest  1515

fest  1520

Newborn Shoot- Elijah

Remember this beautiful pregnant mama? Well, that belly was holding this little guy, Elijah. And I can just tell you that my hormones were a raging during this photo shoot. A few days after Elijah was born I spent the morning with Gaby and helped her through a feeding, burping, and taught her the importance of swaddling. He is definitely a sweetheart. Here are a few when he was 9 days old. If you would like to see some more and see the whole family, they are posted on my photo blog.

deb  1675

deb  1676

deb  1677

deb  1678

a few funnies

oh, the things they say. 

Greta and Sawyer were quietly “discussing” who should have the wooden spoon from my kitchen, not that I don’t have 9 wooden spoons in my kitchen. But apparently, this particular wooden spoon was special. I hear this from the living room,

Greta: Sawyer, I’ll give you five bucks for the spoon.


I was editing some photos on the computer and was totally distracted. Sawyer was saying my name over and over again and it didn’t actually register til I heard this,

Sawyer: Mama mama mama maaamaaa maaaaaamaaaaaa, focus!


After dinner one night, Greta came over to me and said proudly,

Greta: Mama, I can speak frenchy. “baminos!”

Me: Greta, that’s spanish, and it’s vaminos with a v.

Greta: in frenchy?

Me: no, in spanish.

Greta: what does vaminos mean?

Me: let’s go. What language is vaminos Greta?

Greta: ahhhh, frenchy!

When Greta potty trained, my friend bought her some Ariel panties. She had her little boy, Hayden, give them to her. She was beyond thrilled. He was like “ehh, no big deal”. Well, when he went to leave he came over to Greta and said, “have fun with your panties”. It was hilarious. And I kept thinking to myself, oh no, boys cannot talk about my daughter’s panties! But they’re 2, so it’s okay right now. And to this day when she puts on her Ariel panties she tells me that Hayden bought them for her. 

And lastly, here is a funny video of my princess. sweet? innocent? feminine? not quite.


the lens is SOLD.

i listed a few things on craigslist lately and have had awesome success, but i thought maybe i should list them here too in case any of you are interest. Either email me directly or leave a comment here with your email address. But most of you have my email address directly if you’re interested. we are getting rid of our beloved Brio train table and all the pieces, tracks and trains. The train table has some bumps and bruises, it comes with 4 containers that sit on shelves under the table. There’s 56 track pieces, 10 trains (2 battery powered), several little conductor men, lots of accessories and bridges and tunnels, etc. It’s listed for $175, but I will take $150 just so it leaves my house. 

cl  1527cl  1528

cl  1529cl  1530

I am also selling this Pottery Barn Kids bedding set. It’s a twin quilt and 2 pillow shams, kind of a patchwork style, can’t remember the name. The bedding is listed for $40.

cl  1526

There is a chance that one of my lenses will be for sale too. A guy is supposed to pick it up tomorrow, but you never know, he may never show. It’s my 24-85mm 3.5 Canon lens with a Tiffen filter. Hardly used, but I have my eye on something else. . . I bought it 6 months ago for $300 and am selling it for $125. If you are interested in that, email me, and I’ll let you know tomorrow if it’s still up for grabs.