deborah needs. . .

just for fun i punched in “deborah needs” into google. Because you know I have nothing better to do than waste my time doing these types of things. And my results?

Deborah needs. . .

1. chicken soup

2. pink bus

3. help

4. to create a strict budget

5. your shipping address

6. a business plan

and last but not least

7. a gun

Interesting. . .


5 thoughts on “deborah needs. . .

  1. Ooooh I like this….here’s what I need:
    1. a purple giraffe
    2. slimfast video (so not nice, but true)
    3. the sisters bourne identity
    4. a new maintenance manager
    5. support before going to Elliots parents (LOL)
    6. a myspace page (yeah….NO)
    7. help (of course)
    8. to be nerfed
    9. pull herself together
    10. to get a life

  2. That’s too funny. I tried it too. Apparently I need…
    1. Sperm donor
    2. Some new clothes
    3. To give it up already
    4. To call it quits
    5. To go home
    6. Makeup
    7. To keep my clothes on & comb my hair

  3. Ok, had to join in. I need:

    1. to pee
    2. a career time out
    3. your prayers
    4. to know the truth
    5. to be loved
    6. a loving home
    7. to get over it

    wow, sounds like my life is a mess !

  4. And here is Elliott’s:

    1. someone to love him
    2. a new kidney
    3. to download more Clone Wars
    4. help
    5. to hear
    6. our prayers
    7. to get some. (hahahah, he will love this one)

  5. Ha Ha! See, I think there’s a bit of truth to it. I need a strict budget. Amanda needs some love, Elliott needs some. 🙂 I have always thought Tanya needed a purple elephant. And Pamela, please keep your clothes. So funny!

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