the race

Auntie Rachel and I indulged the kids in some racing the other day. What started off to my advantage quickly changed when I had to pick up a kid mid race. Costing me the win. But I prevailed later on even though Auntie Rachel cheated and tried to hold me back. Gunnar was the photographer.

In sad news, I turned 29 and am pretty bummed. I am not ready to be done with my 20s. Strange, because most of the time I feel like I am 45. But 30 is just too big a number when in my head I think I’m only 18.

race 3

race 4

race 5

race 6

race 7

race 8

race 9

race 10


3 thoughts on “the race

  1. these pictures of you two are awesome! i love how the first shot begins all smiles vs. the last two shots of you two clawing each other…seriously hilarious.

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