meet holga

holga is my new best friend. she’s bright red, a lot of fun, and gets a lot of attention. she’s really unpredictable, a little mysterious. some of you have seen her hanging from my neck because i don’t go many places without her right now. we’re getting to know each other. she was my date sunday night at the hollywood bowl. very entertaining and she made us laugh more than a few times. she’s cheap too. well kind of. SHE was cheap, but her film and developing, not so cheap. i am learning how to use her, along with her good friend, diana. i will share some of my diana goodies later when i can get the scanner down. they both use 120 film. we’re talking old school. like crank the film old school. like you can hear the flash warm up old school.

here are some from my first roll with holga. i will never touch the holga pics, these are just straight from the negative, and i like them just the funky way they are.

holga 1

right after swim class.

holga 2

sunday night i went to the hollywood bowl with the girls and of course holga helped me document our fun. she has color flashes that we were experimenting with. she’s definitely a keeper.

holga 3

and yes that would be box seats we were enjoying, and i won’t even mention how sweet the valet parking was.

holga 4

holga 5

holga 6

good job holga! i think we will have a long and fulfilling relationship.


9 thoughts on “meet holga

  1. i love the one of sawyer!!! i feel like its out of national geographic or something…you know, in the articles that cover the underbelly of swim lessons in west la haha 🙂 also a camera illiterate question…is holga and diana the official names of those camera models or your personal name for your camera? interesting either way…

  2. jane—i asked tanya this am if my sis named holga her camera or if that is the type of cameras name. i didn’t want to look to crazy commenting that on her blog, glad u did and u are not alone.hehehe

  3. Okay I know I should comment about the camera since you are so in love with it, BUT you had box seats, BOX SEATS. Doesn’t someone have to die in order to get box seats. I have tried for years. Looks like you all had a blast.

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