how it slipped my mind to post these lovelies from Auntie Rachel & Uncle Dave’s trip is crazy! we had a ball with them, which you can probably see in the photos. Gunnar was thrilled to have Uncle Dave around to coach him in baseball. Apparently my husband sucks at sports. Which is not from my own viewpoint, but according to Aaron himself, with Uncle Dave in the background to confirm. All this information came after  Aaron stormed in the door from a trip to the batting cages with Uncle Dave and Gunnar. I for sure thought he had just been in a car accident or some other traumatic anger inducing incident. Nope. Just furious at life and his childhood for never being taught how to play baseball. I tried to comfort him by telling him that he learned how to use a power saw. he just glared at me. I guess having 2 sons makes being good at sports very important. especially when one is a sports nut and can show you up in golf and baseball. but that’s why Uncle Dave was here, to ensure that Gunnar will not be picked last in P.E. someone’s gotta do the job, right?

Auntie Rachel also participated in a nice performance where the kids made her juggle, or attempt it. we had a lot of reading time, park time, and played played played. here’s some highlights.

once again, greta’s signature anaconda squeeeeeeze

blog 1

i don’t know if this is technically juggling. more like tossing one ball from hand to hand. . .

blog 2

blog 4

blog 3

blog 5

blog 6

blog 10

blog 7

Batting cage photos to come later. Photos need some help, but that’s what I get for sending my camera with Aaron and apparently he hating life as Gunnar and Dave actually HIT a ball and he continued to miss. sorry babe!


3 thoughts on “overdue

  1. Remember his Dad has only one eye and no depth perception. And his Mom was always pregnant. However I can really hit a baseball -just can’t run!

  2. Someone asked me today, “How was you trip to California? What did you do?” I never know how to answer that question because our trips are so full; everyday full, not tourist or vacation full. I told her, “When we go to see Aaron, Deb and the kids, we go to live. We don’t want to be guests. We pretend like we live there for the week and do all the everyday things that they do, because they are our family.” Miss you guys so much.

  3. Gail, I also tried the one eye reasoning with Aaron, didn’t go so far. . .
    So true Auntie Rachel! and we miss you guys terribly. just the other day Greta asked when Auntie Rachel and Uncle Dave were going to live with us again.

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