through soso’s eyes

I never know what I will find when I load the boys’ camera memory sticks onto the computer. This time it was Soso’s I decided to load. Here’s what I found, Lola and my eyeball. I know, kinda gross.

We are heading up to Ojai tomorrow for a few days of relaxation, fun and a whole lot of swimming. It will be hot, no doubt, so I will look forward to my children returning to their amphibian forms for a few days. See you back next week.

soso 2

soso 3

soso 1


2 thoughts on “through soso’s eyes

  1. HAHA i was showing alissa sawyer’s photos and i asked her what each one was. she says, “ummm…lola’s foot, lola, deborah.” she recognized your eyeball! she really loves you 🙂

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