my thank you letter

Checking in quickly from vacation. Lots to post when we return. Lots.

But wanted to write something new for the blog. I believe it will be a regular post. My thank yous.

Thank you nice lady at the park last week, who after about an hour of chatting, told me as I was leaving that I was an inspiration to her.

Thank you my children for sleeping on vacation past 8am everyday. Some of you even sleep til 9!

Thank you bikinis and beaches.

Thank you best friend.

Thank you bartender for the nice concoction you made me with pomegranate juice and some really strong vodka. Delightful.

Thank you stack of reading books, I am loving you.

Thank you sun hats for shading me all day.

Thank you technology for still making me feel “plugged in” even though I am in my pjs or a bathing suit 24/7.

and Thank you mom and pop for a wonderful vacation.


One thought on “my thank you letter

  1. It sure was relaxing and fun. Thank u Deborah Tati Uncle Carl Gunnar Sawyer Greta(Reta) and Aaron though I am still getting over the shock of seeing u in your underwear…..hehehe To my grandchildrern Looking forward to our next time Remember
    Sawyer we can always look forward to another memory. Love u all kisses and more kisses for Greta Sawyer Gunnar and the rest. Nanni

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