Discovery Museum

In case you’re blind and missed it, I am trying a new template for my blog. I just got bored with the other one and don’t want to invest in this website since it’s not the one that really brings revenue, so for now, this is it. Until of course I’m bored again, which is very likely. . .

Jane and I took the girls a few weeks ago to the Discovery Museum, somewhere in the OC. Santa Ana? Anaheim? I think it’s just past Disneyland, so whatever that city is, that’s where you’ll find it. It’s shaped like a big cube.

There were so many fun things that the girls got to do. Very hands on. They had a blast, Jane and I loved catching up and hanging out.

museum 1

The girls loved this screen where it it televised them and you could switch the different sea backgrounds. They kept trying to pet the fish that supposedly were behind them.

museum 2

The girls didn’t know it, but we sucked at hockey.

museum 3

Do you see how hopeless it is when Greta dresses herself? She is convinced as long as the colors are the same, that’s all that matters.

museum 4

museum 5


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