thank yous

1. Thank you beach umbrella for your shade.

2. Thank you hubby for making me your weekend latte a mid week treat.

3. Thank you Google Reader for saving me tons of time now that I have all the blogs I read on the same page.

4. Thank you British government, I just love all the dozens of emails telling me I have won 750,000 pounds!

5. Thank you Craigslist for helping me declutter a little bit more this week.

6. Thank you to my friend who gave up her Friday night to make my hair straight again.

7. Thank you US government for giving Aaron and I a day off on Monday.

8. Thank you good book I am reading.

9. Thank you city of Santa Monica for making the coolest beach ever.

10. Thank you husband for cleaning the fish tank. It was really murky.


2 thoughts on “thank yous

  1. 11. Thank you to my cool friend Rachel for telling me about the coolest beach ever in SM. 🙂 Wow she’s the greatest!

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