congregation picnic- photo essay

picnic 4

picnic 3

picnic 2

picnic 7

picnic 8

picnic 6

picnic 5


3 thoughts on “congregation picnic- photo essay

  1. sawyer’s face in that race!!! i love it i love it i love it.

    p.s. for those that have commented that i am cheesy and gushy in my comments…why yes, yes i am. i am jane and i am a cheesy and gushy person. with pride.

  2. Don’t let the haters get in the way of your cheese and gush. I love your comments, and isn’t that the important thing?
    And yes, the faces are priceless. You couldn’t wipe his grin off for hours!

  3. Photographic proof that I was robbed!!! I demand a re-match!!!! My opponent uses performance enhancement drugs!!!!!! I’m gonna get you Sawyer!!! AARRRRG

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