finds finds finds

Too bad I can’t even recognize what language this shop is in so I could figure out how to click on something to find out how much this awesome old school radio is. And seriously? My favorite color too?

This sequin blouse totally sucked me in and has been added to my wardrobe, that is once it arrives in the mail.

I stumbled upon this really cute, very reasonable clothes site. I have purchased a few pieces from here, and can’t wait to pick up a few items like this sweater and necklace.

I also took the plunge and picked up a pair of booties. I was wafting between loving and hating the look, but I think love is ultimate decision. I’m envisioning colored tights and skirts.

This camera is definitely on my wish list. I only have an older version that is similar but isn’t functioning, but oh, what I would do with this! And look, it also comes in orange!

I’m also on the hunt of increasing our very sad and lonely record collection. I say lonely because we have one lone record thanks to my friend Nikki. It gets played quite a bit, but you can only listen to “Here Comes the Sun” so many times. And then what do you play when you don’t want to be in a good mood? I surprised Aaron with a record by one of his favorite bands The Who, we’re just waiting for it in the mail. Lots of goodies coming in the mail. . .

One of which I am keeping a secret. I have to until it’s the right time to unveil because I can’t make too large of a fool of myself yet. I don’t really know what I’m getting into, but I will share when there is something tangible to share. Don’t you love a good mystery. . .


House Project- Bathroom Built-in

We are still on vacation, but I was sifting through some blog entries, and I’m not sure why I forgot to post this one.

First off, let me say that my bathroom is one of my favorites rooms. Maybe this seems a bit strange, but it exudes calm for me. I love the colors and the beadboard, and this area is a favorite of mine. These built in shelves are what I look at when I take a bath. Here’s what they looked like before. They’re alright. Some photo frames and mementos. Some bath oils. One of which got Aaron and I in a HUGE fight one of our anniversaries. Yeah, he and I have different opinions about anniversary presents. To him, there’s no budget, no reason. Thus, the $175 Rice Sake Bath Oil. Insane, right? Yeah, that wasn’t so cool for me. Seriously, I would so much rather put that towards something tangible. Like a Marc by Marc Jacobs bags, but again, another post.

shelves 1

shelves 2

shelves 3

I have a huge collection, well maybe not huge. . . yet. But I’ve collected some old cameras that I have been itching to display somewhere. And this is one of the few rooms that the kids don’t have their toys and artwork and figurines and pencils strewn about. I thought it would be the perfect place to start. The beauty on top is Diana, but you’ve met her. Holga is on the shelves in my bedroom. One of these cameras my grandma gave me, it was sitting in her garage collecting dust, and I have another beautiful old camera that Aaron’s mom sent me that’s in my bedroom as well.

Back to my point. So distractable tonight! Here’s the shelves as they look now.

shelves 4

shelves 5

shelves 6

The sketch next to Diana had to stay. I picked it up in Italy and just love it as much as the day I got it.

shelves 7


Hope everyone enjoys their time off this week. It was glorious for Aaron to have just one day of work, and then be officially off. Unfortunately, he will have to work on Sunday, but it’s definitely worth it. We are off for some family time and relaxation, hopefully a little swimming and a few massages, lots of good food and drinks, a little golf for Gunnar, and some good reading time for me.

Be back next week!

My Little Indian

Last week Greta had her first performance in preschool. I believe I shed a tear or two. They’ve been learning social studies and all about the Mayflower and Plymouth Rock. My Grets was a little Indian, or Native American I should say. And Hayden was a pilgrim. Although after the performance Aaron commented that their roles should’ve been reversed based on skin color, it was quite funny. I wasn’t sure she was going to go through with the songs, but she did. They sang a little song that went like this, “there’s a song in my heart, food in my belly, and love in my family”. It was pretty adorable. Aaron walked up as the performance ended, as did Nanni, but Tati and I were there to cheer her on.

These two are just edible! They were so proud of themselves.

boys and their books

Some nights after bath/shower time the boys have a little extra time to chill. I walked from the kitchen into the living room and this is what I saw.

The two of them together, current books in hand, totally enthralled. And there’s not much I love more. Maybe it’s because I have such a love for reading, but seeing them so into a book just about does it for me. I love Sawyer’s pjs hiked all the way up to his thighs, he’s still such a normal 5 year old I just can’t stand it.