palm springs with my people

These two were separated at birth, brothers from different mothers, twins raised by different families. . . need I go on? It cracks Jane and I up every time these two get together because we roll our eyes and laugh at how alike they are. I mean if you get rid of the ethnicity, language, state they grew up in, education, and career, they’re almost identical. Not knowing until after we married these men did either Jane or myself realize that we married extreme men. Jane explained this to me, and I doubt I can put it in terms as easily understandable as she, but basically, all men are not like our men. This information was shocking. I thought all men are pretty much the same. Especially since we both married the same type of man, it was clear to me that most would fall into this same category. Nope. Pretty much NOTHING can gross them out. They will eat ALMOST anything, take any dare. They are both slobs and don’t mind being dirty and gross. Sometimes they both need reminders to brush their teeth and shower. And did you know, not ALL of men are like that? Apparently there are some men, who Jane and I must’ve been oblivious to, that enjoy being clean, neat, tidy, and sanitary.

Not these two.

ps 3

And these two. Can they make my heart melt any more? The fact that they wake up and can’t get to each other’s rooms fast enough. That when one has to go the bathroom, the other goes. every time.  And when one girl isn’t eating, all it takes is one bite by the other and all of a sudden they’re both hungry. Or the fact that if one is wearing a skirt we must dig in the suitcase to match the other, heaven forbid they wear different things!

ps 1

ps 2

ps 4

ps 7

ps 8

Aaron knows I hate when he makes this face. He likes to force and accentuate all the wrinkles he has on his face.

ps 6

Not sure how Gunnar managed to dodge every single photo I took. The weather was perfect. Perfect weekend. Just way too short. . .

ps 5


8 thoughts on “palm springs with my people

  1. lolol hilarious! btw just so that people don’t think we were just sitting there husband-bashing, we also discussed how along with being extremely “man” when it came to cleanliness, they are also extremely “man” in being exceptionally rational, calm under pressure, and awesome fathers 🙂 david also wants me to add that aaron needs to start playing sports (pick one, any one, he plays them all!) and then they will truly be twinsies. i told him that you would not be happy with this suggestion.

  2. Oops, I meant to go into all their good qualities too, but then kind of got lazy. Sorry boys! Yes, the whole reasonable, calm, mellow is true too. Along with extremely spiritual and very well balanced, also, great senses of humor. I don’t think Foosball counts as a sport babe. And I would WELCOME you doing a sport (he secretly is angry he was never taught sports as a child), but I think it’s a bit of laziness.

  3. Also, I cannot say for David, but I am extremely hygenic, and how dare you infer that either of us are less than clean.

  4. Thank you for describing me exactly: “enjoy being clean, neat, tidy, and sanitary”, but you forgot organize & street smarts!

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