the zoo

Sometimes it’s nice to go to the zoo because then we, okay just me maybe, I feel that maybe I DON’T live in a house full animals. It makes me feel like there are other places where the creatures fling their poop and act in their right mind, like animals. Climbing walls and swinging from ropes, throwing food and fighting. Yes, the zoo is a welcome place for me. I feel so. . . at home.

Amanda and I took the kids out of school early the Friday of Halloween so they didn’t have to sit through their class parties. We met up with some other families at the Los Angeles Zoo and the weather couldn’t have been better. It was perfect. The L.A. Zoo is fantastic and large and sprawling. They have a great little park in there too.

Forgive me once again for the iPhone photos. You can’t really expect me to keep track of 3 wandering children AND my camera all the time, right? But Amanda was prepared, and I stole the ones at the bottom from her fb page.

IMG_0213 IMG_0214

IMG_0215 IMG_0216

IMG_0218 IMG_0219

IMG_0217 IMG_0221

IMG_0222 IMG_0226

IMG_0228 IMG_0231





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