I really wanted to get this finished by Friday, January 1st, but alas, having a husband who seems to work every single holiday, it just didn’t pan out. He had to work Christmas Day and again on New Year’s, and today too. So needless to say, I have my excuses, and their names are Gunnar, Sawyer, and Greta.

Anyways, it’s complete and I think it sums up our year pretty well. 2009 was most definitely the best year of our lives, and it seems that it’s a pattern. Each year just keeps getting better than the last. Don’t kid me wrong, we have our bumps and bruises, our arguments and tears, but last year was good to us.

A lot of the blogs I follow are summing up 2009 with the highlights from their year. But I think it’s only appropriate my highlights are the photos of our lives. It’s best in HD, so I think if you click on HD it will take you to the vimeo site and you can watch it in better quality.


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