adventures in sewing

Aaron and I have a date tomorrow night with another couple. I’ve been looking forward to it for awhile and so I thought the occasion deserved something special. So I decided since I really don’t know how to sew real garments yet, a headband shouldn’t be too hard. Here is my new item in honor of going out sans children on a Saturday night.

And then once I got the hang of it, I convinced myself that maybe it wouldn’t fall apart the first time I wear it. So I made some more. It kind of became addictive. They are pretty easy to make and I’m sure I did way too much hand sewing than needed. I bet I could’ve relied on my hot glue gun a little more and been a bit quicker.

Please excuse my pajamas and absolutely no makeup in the next photos.

I also made some cute little pouches. Greta has an endless amount of figurines and is always asking to bring a few with her, so I think these are the right sizes.

Sorry if the sewing talk is boring for some of you. It’s just very new to me so I will try and keep it down to one post every week or two. There is actually something I hope I can photograph this weekend that I am actually proud of. It doesn’t look wonky and it’s pretty adorable. If only I can get Greta to try it on, she has an aversion to anything I make right now, but I really can’t blame her. They look like 2nd grade art projects at the moment.


One thought on “adventures in sewing

  1. from my experience hand sewing will prove much stronger than hot glue gun. can never have too many stitches. well sometimes you can have too many stitches.
    cute headbands.

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