ice skating

Okay, before we get to ice skating. PIZZA MOZZA! WOW WOW WOW. Fantastic. I get it now. I get how pizza can be THAT GOOD. Only problem, I don’t usually eat the quantity that I ate last night. Thus, I was delusional during the night. I was up every hour or hour and a half. With various delusions going on. One time I woke up searching for Greta in my dresser drawers. Another time I woke Aaron up and told him that Greta was over on that table and she was going to hurt herself. He got out of bed, walked over in the dark to the table I pointed at. Looked at the table, and then asked me, this? She’s here on this table? Yeah, she’s going to fall off and hurt herself! Then he felt around in the dark, crawled back in bed and told me it was the sewing machine. Oops. I can be a crazy sleeper. A few weeks ago I attacked our poor tree in our bedroom. It only had about 2 dozen leaves left, and it was struggling to stay alive. And what do I do? At 4 am I wake up and I am standing in front of the tree, deleafing it. I had stripped about 15 leaves off of the tree and they were surrounding my feet. So sad. Sorry tree. Anyways, if you want to eat so much that you won’t sleep that night, go to Pizza Mozza. And please order the white bean bruschetta, the lentils and goat cheese, the Nancy chop salad, the sausage and fennel pizza, and THREE gelato flavors. Mint chip, espresso and chocolate. Yes, this is true. That is what I ate. At one meal.


Yep, ice skating was free too in Orange County. I know, wallow with me. They give you free rentals of skates too. This place had double bladed skates for kids so it makes them a little more sturdy than the regular skates. Unfortunately they only had Sawyer’s size in those by the time we made it to the rental booth. So Greta and Gunnar were stuck with hockey skates, but they did surprisingly well. Gunnar has only been ice skating once, years ago. This was Sawyer and Greta’s first time. All in all, they loved in. In fact as we were walking to the car Sawyer said, “this was the most fun day of my life.” Perfectly matter of fact, just like that. Oh, there’s no photos of Aaron. One, I couldn’t bring my camera on the ice, I guess it was against the rules, and two, he can’t ice skate very well. So he volunteered to be photographer while the rest of us rotated around with all the kids.

That night we dined on fantastic sushi. And then I don’t really remember what else happened that night, but I believe there was an argument between Aaron and Jane over meyer lemon tea, some Shin ramen was consumed around the midnight hour, and I slept like crap. The next morning we all met for brunch at The Filling Station in downtown Orange. Awesome food.

Then walked up the street to an adorable little cupcake shop for dessert. Somebody liked her headband, Alissa insisted on wearing it two days in a row.

Can’t wait until next time! We miss you already suburbia and suburban friends!


weekending and instant film

I was really looking forward to this weekend and then at 8:30 this morning my hopes went dashing to the floor. Aaron came in our bedroom and told me that he thought he was only working tomorrow and somehow there was a “miscommunication” and he has to work today AND tomorrow. Oh, and he has 3 people stuck in an elevator right now that he has to go and rescue. nice. So what I thought would be a nice weekend home together, not so much. Shocking that elevator mechanics don’t communicate well, huh?

We do still have dinner tonight and he assured me he arranged to get that time covered. Babysitter is booked. We are going with my parents and sister and brother in law to Mario Batali’s Pizza Mozza. Aaron and I have never been, and we’re pretty excited. I have been told they have the best pizza ever. We’ll see. It took several months to get the reservation. You can only call so many weeks before for a reservation. I think it’s 30 days. So you can call today only for a reservation 30 days from today. And it fills up within minutes. Crazy, I know. Dining in L.A.

Last night I did however laugh the hardest I have laughed in a really long time. In fact, as I was going to sleep last night, I would involuntarily giggle while laying bed just thinking about it. Aaron got down the scanner and pulled out of his closet this big pink box o’ treasures. Every letter and card I ever wrote him, and every photograph that he owns is in it. I have never seen some of these photos. Classic I tell you. Classic. I will share some of them on my blog this week. They are just too funny not to share.

And I also managed to scan a bunch of polaroids I have been meaning to scan so that I can now label them and put them up on my polaroid wall. Here’s 2 from my trip to New York.

Central Park

Dave ironing.

Samson & Delilah- Sawyer’s Reading

For anyone who hasn’t seen this video yet, here is Sawyer’s second Bible reading. I cannot tell you how proud we are of our little man. He was very into the reading. You can tell by his inflection and his little voices for the characters in the story. He was all over this “super hero” reading as he likes to refer to the story of Samson and Delilah.

It literally melted my heart when he coughed a little, got flustered and then grabbed my hand under the table and then immediately began. He still needs me!!! I know it’s only going to last a few more years at the most, but I will savor every second of it.

cute finds

I don’t know what it is, but I was out of it all day yesterday. It was gloomy and rainy. I had to drive up to Malibu to see a client and it was so overcast. Kind of took away from the beautiful scenic drive up the PCH. Anyways, I spent some time browsing online. Okay okay. A little shopping. But check out these great CUTE finds.

no joke $1.50

I have these in several colors. $2.50!

For Greta, didn’t buy yet, but so tempted. I can see her in this with skinny jeans or leggings. $12.99!

I picked this tunic and biker shorts set up at Target last week for Greta. $7! It has little rosettes all along the bottom of the shirt.

These Urban Outfitter jeggings (jeans/leggings, get it?) come in so many colors. Tempted to buy them all, but first must head to the store and figure out my size.

And this is the rug that is in the boys’ room now. Very reasonable, very neutral, I can see this in so many rooms. Living, girls’ bedroom, boys’ (of course), even my room. So versatile.

Last but not least, this great decorative pillow, again by Dwell for Target.


Seriously crushing on this polaroid camera. Should be released this year and oh how much I want one in the wood grain look. I love my polaroid camera. love love love. And our little polaroid wall over our bed has come along nicely. I need to get the scanner out to show you my latest, but it’s pain for Aaron to lug it out of the closet. Maybe I will beg him later tonight so I can post some from our hot air balloon fun.

Photo source- Polaroid PIC 1000

House Project-Boys’ Room

The boys’ room has always been a bit hard to keep organized, what with them being boys and all. It is where they sleep, keep all their clothes, and their most played with toys and most read books reside. Needless to say it’s cramped. I don’t have any real BEFORE shots, but this was the rug they had in there. It was the Flor tiles which worked awesome until their ladder made the tiles come apart. And then I was too lazy to order more stickers.

Our whole garage/playroom are Flor tiles and they are fantastic. But for the boys room I don’t think the stickers can handle the wear of those two little men. I didn’t want to spend a ton on a new rug since, well, it’s for the boys and the boys are hard on EVERYTHING in that room. I scoured online stores and found one I loved by Dwell at Target.

Here is a photo of the bookshelf that was in front of the window. That little bench/bookshelf is already gone thanks to Craigslist. It lasted maybe 25 minutes. And some lady is pretty stoked she scored it.

This is what the room looked like once the bench was gone, the rug was in, and the shelves were emptied. Is it just me or does that look like a whole lot of toys for these boys??? And this does NOT include all their puzzles, board games, legos, train table, crafts/art supplies.

These were the large bookshelves holding all their stuff. They were intended for this room to be on the wall where their bunk beds are. But that was when the room was a playroom solely, prior to Greta’s arrival. I always thought they were a little overpowering for the window wall.

I really weeded out stuff in their room. They play a ton, but some stuff they never touch. And Greta had a lot of stuff in their room. All her lacing cards, a plastic dollhouse, carriage, magnet sets, domino sets, I moved it all up to her room. The stuff the boys haven’t been playing with and I really wouldn’t mind seeing it go, I put on our newly designated garage sale shelf in the garage. Some stuff I put in the garage/playroom because I know they will be looking for it in a few weeks. And some stuff I kept around because other kids love to play with it when they come over. We trashed about a garbage bag full of stuff, saved another bag for garage sale and then relocated the rest to the garage. These bookcases also went into the garage and are now lining the walls. Finally all out stuff out there is off the floor. There’s camping shelves, and beach shelves, and file shelves. Lots of work, but so worth an organized garage finally! Hoping it lasts more than a day.

I was looking for something more streamlined and found these shelves at Crate & Barrel and absolutely love them. The price was very reasonable too. I love the open feel to them and the fact we cannot cram the same stuff on every shelf. It helps keep the room a little more simpler and clean looking.

Here’s some better shots of their rug.

Their art wall is a bit bare. I recently filed their artwork into their folders, but within a few days that thing will be full again.

Sewing Project- new headbands of course!

Yes, headbands are still the area I am working in. More headbands. This time I took advantage of our little trip down to Orange County and decided I would make the girls all matching headbands. So that is what Alissa, Penelope, and Greta got. Each one had a different button sewed on in the middle so I could tell them apart. But they’re pretty cute wearing them if I do say so myself. As you can see from Greta’s facial expression, she’s still not thrilled with ANYTHING her mother makes.

and this one is for me.