have you guys been to target lately????

Okay, have you all been to Target lately and seen the gorgeous Dwell bedding they have? I seriously had to restrain myself and remind myself that I was at the store with 3 small children, all of which were making a bee line for the toy department. But I did manage to snag this pillow for my living room. IN LOVE WITH IT I TELL YOU!

This is the bedding I would’ve probably purchased, especially when I saw it was only $89 for the king duvet. But alas, I didn’t. I will probably regret it too. I wouldn’t have done the matchy shams, but just plain grey ones and thrown the yellow rosette pillow in the middle. I tell you, I really thought this out!

Oh, and the baby bedding! If I had a baby, I wouldn’t be able to resist this set.

My boys probably wouldn’t go for this hippo bedding, but if they were littler, this would be their bedding.

And a few other very tempting bedding sets I saw online.

And seriously?? For a little girl with a twin bed?!! Too cute for words.


One thought on “have you guys been to target lately????

  1. ok, i love this birdie bedding! i want it for penelopes room and the greenw ould totally go but her walls are lavendar. would that completely clash with the pink ’cause i really really don’t want to repaint.

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