Sewing Project- new headbands of course!

Yes, headbands are still the area I am working in. More headbands. This time I took advantage of our little trip down to Orange County and decided I would make the girls all matching headbands. So that is what Alissa, Penelope, and Greta got. Each one had a different button sewed on in the middle so I could tell them apart. But they’re pretty cute wearing them if I do say so myself. As you can see from Greta’s facial expression, she’s still not thrilled with ANYTHING her mother makes.

and this one is for me.


One thought on “Sewing Project- new headbands of course!

  1. Get used to Greta not wanting what you think is great. Its a wave of the future. sorry! I certainly love it-not that that matters to her or you for thAT MATTER!

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