kinda dorky

but i am super excited to get my hands on this when it comes out.

Right now these are lining my bookshelf and I cannot wait for some breathing time where I can actually enjoy them and try out the ideas.

I love her, the blogger SouleMama. This is her second book. Her first book I devoured. Makes me want to be a better Mama.

I haven’t tried anything new and impressive out on my sewing machine. But I was extremely proud of myself for altering 2 of Greta’s clothing items this week. We bought an adorable dress at Target, one hopefully you will see a lot of in the coming weeks, and a cute pair of jean leggings for her. The problem with normal kids clothes is they are made for normal size kids. Greta is kind of a peanut. So I took in her dress about an inch on each side and it worked! And it’s not even obvious that I am a heinous sewer! And I also took in her leggings on each side so they don’t fall down and expose her bum. And that worked too!


Happy weekending! We are prepping for some family time in the sun this weekend. It’s been in the 70s all week here and I remember again why we live in urban Los Angeles, when you walk out the door in the middle of March in flip flops and shorts. That’s why.


2 thoughts on “kinda dorky

  1. oh there is nothin dorky about being crafty! and martha has some amazing people that work behind the scenes on her mags and tv show. somehow she gets all the credit.

  2. So, Deborah – are you saying that people that sew are “dorky”!!!! I’m with Rachel. There is nothing dorky about it. Besides when your Grandmother gave me the choice in 7th grade to either learn how to sew or go naked, the world heaved a huge sigh of relief when I chose to learn how to sew! (it was that or wear all those boys’ hand-me-downs in the 70’s-that was so not going to happen and Meri Ann’s clothes were way too big in the boobs!)
    Besides, my house would be naked if I hadn’t learned to sew. It’s happy!

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