favorite things. . .

my plum tree blooming

impromptu front yard picnics

listening to the kids make each other giggle so hard they snort

Aaron’s perfect homemade latte

falling asleep in my own bed after vacation

and you?

3 thoughts on “favorite things. . .

  1. listening to alissa prounounce “actually”
    freshly baked brownies (absolutely no nuts)
    lunch with my husband in the middle of the week
    laughing with my mom about my dad
    haircuts that turn out right

    and when did you get a plum tree??? how awesome is that, can’t wait to taste the fruits of your labor 🙂

  2. salty air
    rearranging the furniture
    when friends let me cut their hair
    the redwoods
    watching my kids experience new things and places
    vintage sheets and granny squares
    my husbands beard

  3. The moonlight streaming through my bedroom windows
    Watching my two teenage boys sleep (it is soooo quiet)
    MY Plum tree
    Seeing snow on the mountains
    Finishing my workout
    Dusk (with a glass of wine)
    Seeing my sons on the platform at the Kingdom Hall – together

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