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I may love retro furniture and clothes, but retro recipes, I do not.




-growing my garage sale stash in the garage. itching for another one come summertime.

-purple toenails.

-gunnar gets his expander tomorrow. yes, we are in phase one of orthodontics. $$$$$

-filling forms out for greta’s new preschool. sadly we won’t be returning in the fall to her current one. but excited to be starting this one. pure chance that we got a spot. but change is always hard.

-officially recovered from vegas. pics to follow. realized that i’m officially old around 12:30am sunday morning.

-parent/teacher conferences were this week, couldn’t be prouder of my boys. they’re both doing fantastic.

-gunnar had his first trumpet recital tuesday night. oh how my heart was swollen that night.

-saw Back Up Plan. Eh. Don’t waste your $12.50. however it does have the funniest birth scene I have ever watched.

-discovered sawyer is allergic to shrimp. take note, introduce your kids to shellfish when at home with benadryll nearby. he had one bite of shrimp at a restaurant this evening. i really thought he had tried it before, but calamari doesn’t have shrimp in it apparently, which i don’t know because i don’t even like calamari. he immediately started crying and threw up for several minutes, and then his lips were swollen and looked like pamela anderson/angelina jolie. it all makes sense now since he is also allergic to penicillin, so i believe iodine is the problem.

-tomorrow is friday. but you know that.

-nighty night.


Gunnar is a huge sports fanatic, just like my dad. This year at his school auction I hovered over one item in particular during the silent auction. I had already lost out on the Lakers Suite so I figured second best would be a suite at the Clippers game. Gunnar wouldn’t really care as long as he got to go to his first basketball game. I won the suite and we had 12 tickets to the game, along with VIP parking. Suites at the Staples Center are no joke. They have a barcode reader outside the suite where you scan your ticket and it unlocks your suite. Pretty snazzy.

When I asked Greta if she wanted to come to the basketball game or stay home with a babysitter, she immediately ran upstairs to her closet and came down with “the best basketball outfit”. A Vikings shirt Aaron had bought for her last year. I explained this was basketball, and she said, “I know, that’s why I will wear my Vikings basketball shirt”. So that is what she wore. She took a little nap on the way down to the game.

This is one of my cousins, Andrew. We bonded.

Between this face and the caramel apples they serve there. . .

Worth every penny.

We’re in trouble now. Better watch your back Tine. 🙂

we done lots

The last few weeks we’ve been quite busy. That is in between our doctor and hospital visits for broken bones and corneal abrasions. Finally I am getting around to posting some fun stuff we did when Uncle Zeb was in town. First stop. The beach. I have to say, it was the most perfect weather day we have had all year. Perfect. However, I expected it to not be perfect, so I brought no bathing suits. Oops. Well, my kids fixed that problem pretty quickly. They are not shy about nudity that’s for sure. Last week’s Wordless Wednesday post with them in their skivvies is from this beach trip. We headed down to the tidepools in Laguna Beach to meet Jane and Alissa for the kids’ Spring Break Friday. First stop Johnny Rockets. Oh, and Jane, how do I not have a single photo of you except for the far away one of the beach?? Probably because you took most of these.

Zeb then proceeded to fall inlove with Orange County and Laguna Beach. How can you not? He also proceeded to learn a very valuable lesson in sunblock application. Ouch. Big Time.

I’m pretty good about not being paranoid and letting the kids explore and have fun(psssstt-someone has to be calm with Jane around). however, when Sawyer got up to the top of these rocks I never ran across coral and rocks with a twisted ankle so fast in my life. on the other side of this was just a sheer cliff into the water. I decided to stay and hang out with him up there until he was ready to come down.

LOVE the water reflecting off Sawyer’s face in the next one.


Seriously behind on posting. I feel like I won’t ever catch up, but the good thing with having your own blog? It doesn’t matter. I’m the boss. Anyways, we are home from Vegas. Feeling a bit on the thrashed side, but a good kind. We did lots, we ate lots, we laughed lots, and we danced lots. The kids survived, although Nanni maybe didn’t. They had fun, and we all are probably happy to start a normal week.

Here’s some photos from our trip to Minnesota.

The kids spent lots of time outside playing football. MN had a heat wave while we were there. It was about 40 degrees when we arrived and by the time we left it was 70! I think we brought that weather with us from L.A.

The boys spent a lot of time working with Grandpa in his shop too.

This is one of the puzzles that Sawyer made during one of his shop visits.