Gunnar’s present was the Clipper’s suite from his auction, and this was Sawyer’s. Our auction has a category where parents organize and pay for a party and then other parents can bid on a spot for their kids to attend and then all the money goes to the school. I tried to bid on this last year and it filled up too fast. So this year, it was my first bid for the night. A family organized a tour and dinner with the whole fire house last month. It was fantastic. The firefighters were awesome! Sawyer and I got to go and have a mexican feast with a few other kids who won spots as well. They even toured us of their sleeping quarters, and handball court. Best part of the night, they took us on a ride in the fire truck throughout the neighborhood. Bonus, they got 2 calls while we were there so the kids got to see some of them suit up and head out. Very cool. Needless to say, Sawyer was in awe the entire night.

Seriously, look at that smile. The. Best. It was wonderful to get to do something like this just he and I. So special to have little adventures just one on one with them sometimes.


lookey lookey what have we here. . .

Hmmmm. . . . guess what I came home to from vacation????

SEE! There’s positive things that come from posting your likes and loves on a blog!! I think ultimately my mom was so excited that I liked a piece of jewelry, even if it was just a watch, that she couldn’t resist getting me a present. She loves me. What can i say. And for everyone that thinks I’m hard to shop for? People. I post what i like on my blog. with a picture. and a link. only thing easier would be writing me a check. but in all seriousness, i would’ve purchased this for myself regardless. it’s fantastic! thanks mama.

And yes, I am very aware that my forehead will be in need of botox one day. And yes, that is a picture of me with no makeup on, right after a facial. And why yes, I am looking a little tan because I just got SPRAY TANNED by my sister! Seriously people, best invention ever. Maybe a better invention is having a sister who does it as part of her business. Double yes.

happenings in the home

Things getting done this week:

-Unpacking. It’s never-ending. The laundry. The toiletries. The mail. The new goodies we bought while away.

-Took my new drivers’ license photo today. Finally. I am so sick of getting questioned when I travel. My new passport is in the mail and my license is complete. Now I just have to keep this hair for the next 10 years and then we will be hassle free.

-Boys had their Spring Concert at school on Wednesday. I am so thankful that our public school has decided to keep the music program despite budget cuts. It used to be partially funded. No more. Now it’s 100% parent contributed funds funded. I went back and forth for awhile trying to decide if it was as important as say our librarian or science lab teacher, our computer lab teacher. And you know what, I think it is. I think music is really forgotten these days. The boys program was so cute. They both sang the songs and played the instruments and did their little dances perfectly.

-Greta gave me a bit of a scare Tuesday night. She had been complaining about a tummy ache Tuesday afternoon. But once she went to the bathroom she seemed to have forgotten all about her belly problem. Fast forward to 12:30 that night, and she was not a happy little girl. For about 3 hours she complained and cried and I really couldn’t figure out what to do. She even threw up once. I took her in to see the doctor Wednesday morning. Immediately he guessed it would be related to an ear infection, and sure enough he was right. Did you know that with some children, when they complain about their stomachs aching, it’s because of their ears? They’re related. Right after he said that I flashed back to about a year and half ago and remembered the similar sleepless night we had and the same result in the morning at the doctor’s office. Ear infection. My little girl is much happier.

-Friday the kids have no school along with Monday. So we have a 4 day weekend ahead of us. Not sure what we will tackle, but I’m sure I can come up with some lists. I have tons of polaroids to scan, closets to go through.

-The kids have been taking swim lessons for May, just twice a week. And sadly, the weather didn’t cooperate as much as we would’ve liked. This was the first year I decided to try the spring swim session. And out of 8 lessons, I think we only managed to get the kids to agree to go to 5. The beginning of May, hot and beautiful. The end? Freezing! Their last class was Wednesday and since Greta had an ear infection, she had a free pass. But the boys? It was 66 degrees outside and they were troopers. Gunnar is an amazing swimmer. I mean amazing. Each lesson his teacher asks him to join the swim team. His class is full of 12 and 13 year olds that are twice his size. And he’s 8. So proud of him. And Sawyer? Hasn’t complained ONE time. I guess it really comes down to his teacher. He loved his teacher. And that makes all the difference to that little boy.

-My burn is healing. It’s just a red/pink open looking wound at the moment. But no blisters! No oozing! Hooray!

-Scheduling summer has begun. As of today we have one saturday in June free, that is until September! We’ve never had a summer that is as crazy as this one. Don’t get me wrong, I love all the kiddie parties and vacations, but ONLY ONE SATURDAY FOR ALL OF JUNE, JULY AND AUGUST? Kind of ridiculous.

-Finally started my Blurb book #5. So overdue. I had to go back to February to begin. But almost caught up.

-Could it be??? Just got my auto insurance premium and it didn’t go up!? Remember that ticket I got? I was dreading my next bill, but alas, it stayed the same! Phew. phew. phew.

-Hope your week was more relaxing and fun than mine. Just reading this list makes me want to take a nap.

Wordless (how about a few words) Wednesday(i did it again Thursday!)- Let’s Bowl

This is how we rocked it in style for our 10 year anniversary. We are celebrating with family this coming weekend, and a few weeks ago my sister and awesome friends rented out this place. And can I just tell you. Best. Idea. Ever. As if you couldn’t tell we like to drag out and celebrate our anniversary for a looonggggg time. Come on, 10 years? Married to the same guy? Milestone! More photos to come I promise. Just have editing overload over here at the moment.

(photo taken by Mike, editing by me-you can see more of his work on my sidebar under My Photographer)

back back back

Aaron and I spent 4 days and nights in New York, and we returned back home yesterday afternoon. It was in celebration of our 10 year anniversary. Sorry the tip of the building is cut off, but Aaron did a pretty good job overall. Mostly I have building pics, and ones of Aaron alone, me alone, but that’s what happened when you spend a lot of time just with the two of us. It was fantastic. Fun. Fun. Fun. More details to follow. But I haven’t gone through our photos yet. We walked, we shopped, we dined, we slept, we drank, we partied.

See my lovely burn dressing in the photo above? Big, huh? I have some photos to share of my burn phases, but don’t want to gross anyone out without fair warning that it’s coming. So we’re back, trying to get back in a normal routine of what it’s like to have little people to care for once again. My parents and Jessica and Carl were awesome for the kids. They did great without us, and I think they could’ve been more excited to see us than our actual kids were. All in all, so happy to be home. So happy to have been gone. So happy. So happy.