Just a few corners of my home to share. I recently had some awesome Craigslist, Etsy, Ebay success on a few items. I have been hunting for a sunburst clock for months and was pretty excited to score this one.

New end tables for my bedroom have been on my list since last year. I don’t do sets so finding 2 separate pieces of what I envisioned has been hard. This one below I scored on Craigslist. And one is still in the mail from ebay.

I also recently scored on a thrift shop outing. Everybody got a gift in the form of vinyl this day.

This clock I got from Etsy, and it still keeps time. I think my grandma has the exact same one, or did, or somebody because it is so familiar to me.

Immediately when I picked Greta up from school she spied her album and begged to listen to it. She just sat on my bed staring at the album cover riveted by Cinderella’s story.

I still have lots of projects on my list. But the end tables were so exciting because those I have been searching for for months. I need some shelving for sewing fabric but haven’t come across what I’m looking for yet. The hard part for me is I get a vision in my head of what I want based on nothing I’ve seen, and then I have to go around searching for it and sometimes it doesn’t exist. Big bummer. I think it would be easier to see something somewhere and then go from there, but my brain doesn’t always work like that.


One thought on “corners

  1. Um…. By the way, that Star Wars LP…. yeah, I’m just gonna have to ask you to give that to me, Ok? Thanks, that’ll be great.

    And yes. I would drive an hour to steal that from you while you’re sleeping. Add it to my own collection. Which most likely owns yours. *All your base are belong to us.*

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