I love my India

One thing I will miss dearly about Greta’s preschool program is the Multicultural Show they put on with all the kids. Each class takes 2 countries and learn all about the culture, language, music, art, clothing. Greta’s group was India, and the other 3 year old group was Japan. The 4 years olds were Greece and Mexico.

Each day Greta would come home with new facts she would learn. For instance, one day she came home and asked me if I know the capital of Japan. I asked her if she knew what it was. And she replied, “yes, it’s Toe-kee-yaa.” She learned to sing a little Indian song and dance.

On the morning of the performance I was a little nervous because you never know with her if she will go through with something. But she marched right down the center aisle and up to the stage and her group was the first to perform. They decked the kids out in Indian garb. And literally, my heart melted. Right there in the seat was a big melty goop of heart.

With her best bud Hayden who was in the Japan group.

She couldn’t have been more thrilled with the costumes. All that jewelry and bling. Even the bindi on her forehead had a jewel in it. Pure heaven for this little girl.



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