vegas part deux

You cannot go to Vegas and NOT go dancing at a club. It would be just wrong. And this is the part where Aaron and I and Jessica and Carl realize we are old. Seriously, we were tired. I cannot keep up with these kids anymore. I’m old and I need to accept that. 30 is approaching quite fast. But it was still a blast. My sister and I could’ve just taken a seat and watched these people for hours. We had whole scenarios going on about different people around us. The bachelor party, the professionals mens’ weekend, the birthday girl group, the bachelorette party, the couples’ weekend away with no kids, wait, that’s us!

We went out Saturday night and then Sunday Aaron and I had to wake up the two sleepy heads so they could check out of the hotel on time. Needless to say, Sunday mornings at breakfast in Vegas are not people’s finest hours. We were the most put together people there by a long shot.

Blurry, yet still i heart.

Then the drive home with some more poor music taste, but the last hour I took over as the title of DJ and it was much better. Oh, and Aaron was not feeling so hot. Because of our two sleepyheads we waited to eat breakfast for quite a while and Aaron has blood sugar issues. He denies it, but trust all of us, he has issues. Thus, he was not feeling great for the rest of the day. Poor Jessica had to sit in the back seat with Mr. Grumpy.

All in all we rocked Vegas. again.


2 thoughts on “vegas part deux

  1. Btw, she mentioned bad music. That was the last hr of debs music for kids. Mine was a compilation of 80’s music. She only named 2 groups she knew the names of after I told her the names. But, when ur born in 1980 I guess it would sound like old music ;)—–Carl

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