here we go

My sister’s little bean has spurred lots of conversations that I was hoping to put off for awhile. Way off. But Greta is quite inquisitive. Here’s just one recent conversation we had. In the shower. Together. Mistake numero uno.

Greta: (staring)

Me: (getting a bit uncomfortable so I turn her around and start to shampoo her hair)

Greta: Did I come out of your belly or your pachina?

Me: It’s VA-gina. And yes, that’s where you came out of.

Greta: Why can’t boys have babies in their bellies?

Me: (turning her around once again this time to condition her hair) Because they don’t have uteruses.

Greta: What’s that? Utruss?

Me: Uterus. That’s where the baby grows and lives. That’s where Tati’s little bean is.

Greta: (thinking)

Greta: Do girl kids have uteruses? Or just girl adults?

Me: Girl kids have them too, but they’re very small and can’t have a baby in it until they’re grown up.

Greta: Like how grown up?

Me: Like not until you’re married grown up.

Greta: Like 37?

Me: Yes, exactly. Like 37.


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