After weeks of deliberating I took the plunge and after a few hours of online research, ordered our compost bin. Now I have to research all about how to start it, do I need accelerators? Which tools to get? I figure I need the compost turning tool, but not sure if there is anything else I will need. I figure it’s going to be quite awhile before it’s ready to go. I also have been researching compost tea. Yep, compost tea for my garden. Once you have a good amount of compost, you can steep it in water for 2 weeks til the bacteria is all nice and juicy, and then pour it on your garden. Voila! Sounds delightful no?

I read dozens of reviews on different compost bins and we ended up with a 90 gallon one that you can see here. But after a little more research I find it on Overstock for cheaper. Next up will be a compost keeper to have in my kitchen for food scraps. I’m thinking about this one here.


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