Skin Question- How Can I Get Rid of Blackheads?

We have all gotten them one time in our life or another. Everyone. They’re blackheads. As soon as a white head(closed blackhead) hits air, it becomes black, thus the term blackhead. Or more technically, comedone. Comedones are more common in the T-Zone area since we have more oil glands in that area.

There is truly only one way to remove a blackhead or comedone, and that is to extract it manually. That’s not to say that once you remove one that you won’t get another blackhead there again. Pores stretch. So the longer a blackhead sits in a pore the larger the pore becomes. And once it’s removed you still have that large pore that can easily become filled with dirt, dead skin cells, makeup residue, oil, etc. A way to try to avoid getting them, not completely since that’s virtually impossible, cleanse twice a day. Be sure you remove all makeup and buildup of dirt and sweat. Again, the need to exfoliate which keeps the pores nice and flushed out of all the yucky stuff. Another huge thing that helps with ridding the skin of blackheads is avoiding makeup altogether. Heavy powders and foundations sit on the skin and clog our pores. For occasional use, it’s okay, but on a daily basis I really recommend getting used to seeing yourself without all the facial makeup. I’m all for concealer under the eyes, and a little blush on the cheeks, but avoid the constant foundation and powder application. If you get yourself a nice tinted sunscreen you will feel like you have some coverage but not the caked on feel that foundation causes.

Some brands that make good tinted sunscreens in my opinion:


100% Pure


Happy skin everyone! If you have a question I have not featured yet on here, please send me an email and I will answer it in the coming weeks.


4 thoughts on “Skin Question- How Can I Get Rid of Blackheads?

  1. I’d love a post all about the latest sunscreen scare. what are our best and safest options? is there reason to be concerned? should we equate using sunscreen with bad chemicals to eating food with pesticides? inform us please!

  2. It’s true that blackheads will have to be removed manually – I designed a product that does exactly that, and keeps your pores free of grease, dirt and makeup on a daily basis. I am not a believer in putting chemicals on my skin, (sunscreen included!),who knows how much of the stuff we absorb! Dermalizor Oils are also 100% natural, with organic essential oils and vitamin E, and as oil dissolves oil, massaging with this loosens the blackheads and makes them easier to remove with the Dermalizor.
    Hope that’s of some help!

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